August 3, 2006

Today quite interesting lah.
1) Mr Low never come school again.
2) Extremely sian Social Studies. Speechless.
3) History test postponed for the second time. Heng lah! (Never study)
4) Failed Chemistry test. WTF?
5) Ms Saw came to the street soccer court during recess! LOL~!
6) I got a Bronze Colours award. WOOT? First time lah!
7) My leg straightened today! Can play basketball again! YAY!
8) Forgot buy tickets for Kaleidoscope for Saturday. NOOO!
9) Forgot to apply for NYAA! ZOMGWTFBBQ!
10) I want go KALEIDOSCOPE lah!

A lot of things happened today hor? What a great day!
A lot of people have changed.
Some for the worse.
Some for the better.
Someone had become more emo.
Someone smokes.
Omg lah!
3rd year already, so much things.
So complicated.
Much sophistry in the class.
How am i gonna study in PoA and Physics lessons.


Dots. May God bless you xD!

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