August 16, 2006

Today's pretty sucky..
Well.. To start it off..

First lesson of the day.. English..
And a test began.. A common test..
So many tests.. Eff-ing torture!

Second lesson of the day.. PoA a.k.a Principles Of Accounts (LOL?)
Guess what.. I do not really know whether it's the third or fourth..
But MISS SAW cried TODAY!!
Thanks to Riyas..
Because of dunno what skin color, racist? What the shit lah..!
Who cares..
Maybe she's shedding crocodile tears? Maybe not..
But i still have my utmost sympathy for her xD

Third lesson of the day.. Chinese..
Well, Chinese lessons always RAWKS~~!
Nothing to say for this..

Fourth lesson of the day.. Physics..
As always, class noisy like a construction site..
Due to this, i've lose my interest in studying..
Damn it lah!

As usual, the soccer crazy peeps went to the street soccer court..
The next lesson, CME, of course i know it's Mr Low's lesson..
But it seems impossible to command them..
And it was our duty today to clean the canteen?!?
What the ****!

Fifth lesson of the day.. CME..
As i expected, Mr Low came in with a MOODLESS face..
It was already 15 minutes behind time..
Now everyday after recess, must asemble at the flag pole by the first bell..
Dudes, that sucks TO THE MAX TOTALLY!

Sixth lesson of the day.. POA again..
God knows
why there's a PoA lesson before and after recess..?!?
Well, the PoA test began..
I sense hopelessness in me..
I slammed my face on the paper..

Last lesson of the day.. Maths!
Just received the Maths Quiz paper..
What the shit, man..

After school, went for Express PoA..
Sucks.. No lessons, take paper only..

Then went to play LAN with Juihao, Safwan and Zhaobin..
Sucked too..
Then Alex came..

That's all for today..
So many things happened..
I guess tomorrow's gonna be worser..
Well.. Kudos to 3b.. =.=
Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you xD!

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