August 29, 2006

Hey dudes.
Like yesterday, today's great too! A lil extra nice xD

First period was chinese. Slept all the way.
Woke up feeling HIGH..!

Then PoA, it really sucked.
The only subject that can potentially make me puke.
Guess what. I'm studying for the darn test tomorrow xD

Maths. Beginning to like the subject a lot.
I able to learn better!

Then English.
I wondered, how do i always get good grades for English.
Seriously, i dont know..
And Mdm Foo always changes the SUBJECT.
We were like supposed to go through some English test paper..
..and she turned to the newspapers and started to tell stories.

Recess was great.
Just played my handphone.
Cause' the sec 4s stole the last ball.

Physics was next.
I find Mrs Lin very pitiful.
She was like, trying to teach the class.
And the other guys just kept talking.
She also said about her car. Some unlucky car she got.
It's either the car get banged by some humongous topiary or whatever.
I give her my fullest sympathy.
The teacher whom endured our class 3b the most.

D 'n' T was the last thing of the day.
So tired.
Slept for awhile.
Somehow, Mr Prem's theory lessons rawked.
It was so funny to see the way he talks.
At the same time, i understand what he's talking about.
He's just great!

After school, there's gonna be PLC in the afternoon.

Not gonna say anything about PLC.
After PLC, went to the pull-up bar at Tiong Bahru Park.
As usual, still cant do 1 pull-up.
Then ran 5 rounds around the school field and did 50 push-ups for each round.

Gotta sleep man.
Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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