April 3, 2008


What a day!
*no other words to express it..*

But but.. Why does violence have to get involved in everything? Be it settling matters, revenge, you name it. That was one of the incidents that happened today. Violence is ridiculous and it doesn't solve anything at all. I punched you, you punched me, I punched you, you punched me and so on so forth. It's an endless cycle, for goodness's sake!

And yeah, I can't stand short-tempered people as well. It's like touching a pool of lava, you'll get scalded even with a slight touch.

I can't understand people these days. Why do some people even come to school? They come to school, sleep all day long and just head back home. I can understand if you're sleeping during a free period, where the subject teacher isn't around and a relief one comes in, but sleeping during a lesson? N levels are like 143 days away, and it's very, very short. Some of the people in our class have got to wake up if they still want their future to be smooth! Otherwise, success is unachievable! I doubt anyone will read this paragraph, but if it even helps one person, I'm satisfied.

One perfect example of the above paragraph is during Miss Mah's lesson. I'm very sure you got eyes and not partially blind, you can tell that almost half of the class are having their naps. It's really pathetic, upon hearing that Miss Mah actually brings aces to her Chemistry classes, our class is a gone case. Likewise for Physics too, but are people afraid of Mr Chan and paying attention in class just for the sake of it, or are you really putting his words and tips in your brain and revising? Well, I'm not you, you're not me, so go figure.

So far, the only successful lessons I ever had was Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, D&T and Humanities (Both History and SS) ranked at the bottom. History is performing well already since the last two days. Notice that there's a difference from today's History lesson compared to the past ones? And yo, SS is really hopeless, literally. I can only count on myself to excel in it.

And lastly, don't wait for fate, destiny, luck, hope or whatever bullshit, I believe that you, yourself, create your future with your own bare hands, and not trusting in something that is simply bullshit.

That's all for my mini rant.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, good luck for the O levels! I love you! =D

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