April 22, 2008

Tomato cheeks.

Evening everyone!

I love today so much, and wished that the day never end. That's impossible.


Alright, pardon me for my insanity. (LULZ)

Back to today.
The weather is so unpredictable. This morning, the lightning sensor blinked and we had to go back up to the classrooms. Turns out to be, it didn't rained the whole day, not even a drizzle.

Oh well. So the first period was English. I passed my situational writing a.k.a letter writing, formal letter bla bla, 21/30. I was darn happy! At least, I can rest easy this Friday, and not get too stressed over Paper 1. But practice makes perfect, so I'm gonna polish up my vocabulary and grammar skills. I didn't bring my cloze passage booklet, and surprisingly, Mr Sandhu did not issue demerit points to me. For your information, I accumulated 8 demerit points already! 2 for not bringing an English assignment and the 6 for not going to a D&T workshop. Ouch right?

After English was Physics! We did a Physics paper from Zhenghua Secondary, and seriously it's really easy! Of course, the Physics Mid Year paper set by Mr Chan is gonna be hell, hopefully not, no guarantee though. I can only revise on Physics and cross my fingers.

Next was SS, today's lesson was interesting. Surprise surprise! At least, Mr AJ made us laugh with his infamous, Chao Sia voice. While he was passing out the test papers, he read Derrick's surname, LoOoOoOoOhHhHH! LOL! Everyone in the class was freaking laughing out loud, and I, too, can't stand the extreme laughter!

Recess was next, nothing much though, just stood outside staring at clouds.

Chinese was next. My nipples got freaking pinched by Beng Shiang! Luckily it's not red! I could not breathe! The pain was so unbearable! OWWWWW!

Next was Maths. During the lesson, we heard someone shouting from the 4F class. It's none other than Mr Chan. It's been a while since I heard him shout, kinda nostalgic in a way.. But well, we have no idea what happened, but it was too distracting. I kinda lost my concentration during Maths, since it's ALGEBRA. Booooo~

After school, me and Chungaik went to the general office to pass some money for our O level CLB fees. I went to meet Suying soon after.

Hahahaha, I love this part. While taking the bus, I saw Suying in 131, and she was sleeping soundly (She looks so cute while asleep), and I sat next to her, pinched her cheeks! She almost screamed! WAHAHAHAHA! And then she pinched me back, OWW. It was so funny! LOLOLOL.

Anyway, we went to our usual void deck area and studied! After that, we went to the fitness corner which was recently build near my block! And grr, she's strong!

Hahahaha, today was funnn!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying! =D

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