April 18, 2008

Plan for tomorrow, but live for today.

My first step to reviving an old habit..


Okay, pardon me for my craziness. Well, I hope that many of my linked friends visited this blog already. I'm too lazy to go tag every blog and ask for relinks. Yeah, that's about it. Besides, there are actually people who linked me, but never read my blog.

So yeah, back to today.
Today was smooth, the kind of day I'm looking forward to.

Well, it started with Chinese. Fortunately, Chinese lessons are a no-no for me, so I began doing my Cloze Passages, which Mr Sandhu assigned to us. Just about 10-15 minutes before the lesson end, the Chinese teacher went down and I heard she's taking something up (My Chinese is really horrible!). Somehow, she either took her time or completely neglect our Chinese lesson. When the Chinese lesson ended, she hadn't come back up yet! And Mr Kung was there already..

Maths was next and..
I !@#$ING HATE ALGEBRA! <- Censored for 13 year old and below

Imagine two periods dedicated to Algebra alone. It's exactly like living hell for me! This may not apply to people who ARE good in Algebra. Exactly, I suck in Algebra. So I endured two periods of Algebra, having muscle aches in my arms and legs. It sucks to have done all the questions, just to get them all wrong. How twisted.. Oh yeah, Algebra is my worse topic and Mensuration, Trigonometry etc are my favorite topics!

Oh one final thing, any experienced peers to guide me in ALGEBRA? Oh God..

D&T was next. Spend two periods developing the Production Schedule. At least, this is nothing compared to having two periods of Algebra! ARGH! So the last period before recess, we just slacked.

Went back to class and it was locked. Just chatted with Danial about computer stuffs and other crap. As soon as Asha came up, we went inside. I hate the new rule, about the locking of classes during recess. I mean, WHY? To prevent people from stealing things? Must this even affect the whole of Secondary 4 just because of one thief? And yeah, some of the student leaders aren't fierce at all, honestly, no offense though.

English was next! <- Notice the exclamation mark there? LOL.
This is the only period I looked forward to, everyday! I'm sure 4D would agree that Mr Sandhu is definitely a good English teacher, and a fun one too! And I'm so glad he's taking us all the way to Secondary 5! Hooray! I better buck up for the other subjects so that I can get promoted to Secondary 5.

He also showed us an email send to him by one of his students from his former school. It described Mr Sandhu as a good teacher, a really good one, someone whom you would think had made lots of differences. I believe that it isn't a pseudo, like what others said.

School ended and I went back home.

Well, that's all for today!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Suying.. I love you. =D

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