April 25, 2008

Language papers.

Evening y'all.

Today was the start of the Mid-Year examinations, though it starts at 5th May! The English was kinda easy, not trying to boast though, I'm just giving my honest opinion.. Just for those who are curious, I did Question 6, the one which says to describe someone who is peculiar towards you. As for the situational writing, I did in an article format, which I think is wrong and it will have a penalty of -2 marks, though I hope they won't penalize me for that. The thing is, the topic did say that you're writing for a school MAGAZINE, this is the word that comes into my mind and forced me to write it in the article format, even though the phrase, "write a report" was in bold. I can only hope for the best.. And hopefully the -2 penalty won't make me fail.

And last thing, I seriously urge those people to not insult girlfriends in any way! Be it criticism or swearing, it's irritating! People have a limit you know, and that yesterday, I was getting pissed, but I always bottle up my frustrations. Unlike me, there are people who have a low tolerance level, which end up in dismay. So once again, I urge and hope that people would stop all this nonsensical criticism or fictions! You can ask for our current situation, but don't insult! If you were in my shoes, you'll definitely be pissed off.

Well, that's all for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Happy day, Suying =D

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