April 23, 2008


Evening.. Ugh, everyone.. Ugh.

I'm tired right now. Guess why?
Been chatting on the phone with Suying for 2-3 hours straight. Though that wasn't the record, it was still kinda tiring! But heck, we had a good chat and laugh like freaking hyenas! LOL!

Before I start, I just wanna apologize for updating so late in the evening! It was inevitable anyway..

Today's English lesson was the best. We were laughing like crazy over the uniform issue and Mr Sandhu sharing jokes with us (We're not supposed to leak out any information!). It was darn hilarious! Looking forward to tomorrow's English lesson again! I'm just so glad we had Mr Sandhu as our English teacher, we're truly blessed somehow..

Next was D&T. As usual, slacked and did some folio work. Nothing much though, since most D&T lessons are just boring.. Oh well.

After that was History. Mr Leong was absent today and Ms Foo took over. Ms Foo was kinda boring in her speech and so I lost my concentration in an instant. It's pretty obvious I prefer Mr Leong over Ms Foo..

Recess time, slack time, whatever time. Go figure!

Physics was next, we did another paper from St. Gabriel's and it was alright for me. At least I improved at least 5 marks from the previous paper we did. Just finished the whole paper this afternoon.. Grrr, and Mr Chan said that his Mid-Year Physics paper will be murderous. *bangs wall twice and drop dead*

Chinese was next, another boring lesson.. Just sat with Chungaik and talked about issues. You know, issues.. Get it? LOL. At least I prevented myself from getting pinched on the nipples by Beng Shiang again.. After school, went to the bus stop with Hock Zheng and went back home.

Changed and met Suying again! Went to jog around our block and in the middle of it, we played catching! LOL. Like the old days, really. And yes Suying, IT'S GOOOOD TO JOG! It perks you up!

Went back home again to bath and did some revision.

Well, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying =P

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