April 20, 2008

A few more weeks.

Morning everyone!

Examinations are around the corner already. I hope you guys are starting your revision and not playing games or whatsoever! Even though it's Mid-Year, you still should treat it like your N level examination, do your best and know your stand. Improve yourself by correcting your mistakes done in the Mid-Year examinations and make sure you do not commit them again! But still, don't study/revise all day long, have a rest in between, go for a casual jog around your house or just tidy up your study room so that you can have a neat place for revising.

Next Friday is the language papers, English and Mother Tongue.
Better get prepared for it, guys! Face it, without English, you can't do jack. Pass English and you are good to go! Start READING and REVISING!

I'm gonna tidy up my room today and start revising, while earning Contribution Points for my Guanyin Warrior in 12sky (AFK mode FTW!)

And LAST THING! Be sure to watch White Chicks tonight! It's one of my favorite comedy movies and it's really darn funny! Don't miss it!

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying..

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