April 28, 2008

What a warm day..

Evening y'all!

Sorry for not updating the past 2 days.. Was rather busy with something.. (Don't let your imagination run wild!)


Can anyone enlighten me? Has the humidity risen in Singapore or is it just me? It's been so hot nowadays. A few minutes at my own home and I'm sweating already.

Anyway.. Back to today.

I love today's Mathematics lesson.. Why?


And the best thing is, it's GEOMETRY BABY! One of my favorite Maths topics! I know I'm retarded, but heck, to hell with Algebra. I mean, does manipulating alphabets helps you in the future? If it does, please tell me! I'm curious.. At least, Geometry, Trigonometry and Mensuration helps a lot in my future courses in Polytechnic, as well as my current D&T. And of course, I was able to maintain my full composure during Maths today!

After Maths was PE. I was darn glad that I did not have to take the friggin' 2.4 km run again.. I told Mr Teo that I'll be getting at least Bronze for next year's fitness test (Yes, I'm aiming for Secondary 5, no joke). Usually, I'm all talk, no action. This time, I'll try my best to slim down, and eat less. Still, I can't run away from the 3 months basic military training in National Service which will be up and coming to me in a few year's time.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to receive my NS registration letter.. Has anyone received it yet?

Recess time. Went back up as soon as PE finished.. Was exhausted, after playing badminton with Beng Shiang and Mun Tat. My hand was trembling as usual.

Chemistry was next. I finished my Chemistry worksheet.. But the whole class was like a ghost town, no one actually have the mood to study. Oh well, if they fail Chemistry, they only have themselves to blame, not the teacher.

CD was next. Miss Pang flared at us today, because we did not pay attention to her as usual.. We got reprimanded real badly. But still, we only have ourselves to blame, not the teacher. What can we do? It's not as if the whole class would even listen to the teachers or Asha. Thing is, we tried our best. If some people cannot be bothered, we cannot do anything, since they want to ruin their life, so be it.

Still, I can't understand why teachers still abide by the phrase, "One for All, All for One". Seriously, to me, it's plain bullshit. For teamwork in games, sports etc, maybe yes. But disciplinary matters? No way! Why let an uncivilized person ruin the whole class? People who shows commitment in class are also getting unfair treatment? Anyway, this is me, I'm honest and always straightforward.

After school, went home. I eavesdropped two students talking to each other about something. I heard something which I find, makes a lot of sense, with a touch of gaming!

"A person may be good looking on the outside, but very nasty on the inside.. Same goes with online games, even though the game has good graphics and cool features, the community sucks like hell, WHAT'S THE POINT! Games like CabalSEA, have one of the worst community ever! People in there loves to talk big, have zero tolerance level and worst of all, major abuse of PK? Seriously, I rather play a game with poor graphics but still have a good community. One good example is 12 sky! (Oh gosh, he plays 12 sky!) People there are always ready to help, there's teamwork involved everytime, like owning formations and invasions. So tell me, you still wanna play CabalSEA?"

The other boy was dang speechless. LOL.

Well, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying! =P

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