April 8, 2008

Bad, bad, bad..

Seriously.. When am I gonna get happy days?
It's like everyday, I'm gonna get frustrated at least once!

So, back to today..

Kinda disappointed with my English composition, 19/30. Yeah, Mr Sandhu said that my performance in English is getting from good to bad, thankfully. Those who got 15 and below, work hard and read more books, try to speak English at all times! Like what the Vice-Principal said (Can't remember the name..), English is a must for Junior College, ITE and Polytechnic! Conclusion, better start brushing up on English and save your regrets after the N levels! I took a peek at the stack of test papers Mr Sandhu passed to me for keeping. I got a 39/80.

Just when getting 19/30 isn't bad enough, it just got worse..
39/80? Seriously, John, you should receive a smack on your damn fug face.

Next was Physics, got mixed up in the seating arrangement and sat down on the floor for 1 hour straight. Zzz, feeling discouraged as others were looking on us.. Couldn't recall any of the theories from the past chapters Mr Chan taught. Yeah, another bad one..

Social Studies. Go figure.

Recess time was boring.. Nuff said.

Chinese was next. Feeling outcast once again, me and Chungaik sat at one corner.. Halfway through the lesson, I accidentally banged the table and the teacher ordered me to head down to the GESS center. Bad, bad, bad, bad.. Unbearable.

Finally a lesson without any negative events, but I was dang tired, so I can't concentrate fully, so much for "finally"..

Having such a bad day, I do not have the mood to go for the D&T workshop anymore. I was demoralized, literally. No comments please, really, it's the worse day ever.

And lastly, I lamented for the whole afternoon. Thinking back on what was right and wrong. So I decided to be more serious in my work, stop playing games (Kinda hard to kick off the addiction, but I'll try..) and start revising already. Having such crappy results, really, it kinda want to make you puke..

Btw, I have something to say.
Suying is heading for America to further her studies after her O levels, and thus, we can't be together anymore. Her dad is forcing her to apply for a PR in America and yeah, nothing can be done. There isn't really any choices left, and I really don't wanna stress her anymore. Sorry, Suying, if I have stressed you a lot. And to my friends, don't bother mentioning her name to me anymore, instead, think about your lives and treasure those around you.

I'll emphasize this again, do not ever say or criticize her name in front of me. Don't go overboard. If you deserved it, you'll get it hard, real hard.

That's all for today.

Tagboard will be removed until things have settled down.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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