April 21, 2008


Evening y'all.

Beginning to hate Mondays though. Why? I keep on failing my 2.4 km run! Now now, there's this 50% chance that after the examinations, I may have to do it again. 18.45 minutes is a pretty sucky timing..

But well, no use dwelling over it. I should solving my problem instead of whining.

So back to today..
For others Mondays are good. For me, it sucked like hell.
Firstly, the buses I'm supposed to take, which are 131 (From my house) and 139 (From Sim Lim Square) are packed with businessmen and others! I never liked traveling in packed vehicles, which is why I hate taking the MRT. At least, the buses have adequate scenery and sufficient seats for people. MRT doesn't have any scenery in the Red Line tracks and most of the time, its seats are always taken. Though, not saying I wanna pull off the privilege of reaching school later than its usual time, I can be tolerant, but it just hurts to stand for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then reach school sweating already.

As usual, reached school sweating quite a bit because of people with no patience or direction. Like, you are sitting in front of the driver near the entry cum entrance (Yes, it's implemented a long time ago) and since the middle area of the bus is packed, shouldn't you take the short way outside? And he chose to ram through hordes of people just to get outside. Rofl.

Maths was the first period. Again, Algebra..
I'm a bit sick of it, but I have no CHOICE! Without Algebra, how the hell am I gonna pass my Paper 1 and 2? I must be tolerant! I can tolerate packed buses, why not Algebra? LOL. The class had a slight problem with Algebra problem sums (Questions that include a situation), so Mr Kung decide to leave aside a period specially for Algebra problem sums. So we did a worksheet extracted and printed from HeyMaths. Smooth as ever!

PE was next. Had to run 2.4 km around the school again. But hell, I still failed despite jogging most of the time. After the run, slacked around and chatted with Beng Shiang about 12 sky.

Went back to class and rest for a bit.
By the way, some dudes are really sexually active. My table got eff-ed over and out umpteen times, and I was really afraid that there might even be a stench of semen over there. (Exaggerating FTW!)

I urge for those who watched pornography to stop watching it, because it gives a sudden pleasure for you to do it, even at your age! Wait till you're 21 and over, please! I experienced it, but I found it out early and prevented myself from getting this pleasure.

And this phrase is most suited for this. Addiction kills.

Chemistry was next. We did a test, but was poorly done. I really hate surprise tests, goddamn..

Last period was CD, and Miss Pang gave us a really useful guide on course in Polytechnic!
If you are curious, here are the courses I picked. (Mostly on computers..)
1 - Games Design - RP - 26 points (Really high!)
2 - Games Design and Development - SP - 14 points
3 - Game and Entertainment Technology - TP - 16 points
4 - Information Technology - NYP - 22 points
5 - Information Technology - RP - 26 points

I'm trying my best to get inside Republic Polytechnic since most of my friends are picking course from there entirely! Kudos to those who wanna go RP as well, do your best!

And lastly, the song in my blog has a catchy tune and a cute voice (Che'Nelle~)! Enjoy it!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Your cheeks back to normal already? HAHAHA! I love you!

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