April 4, 2008


One word: FUXK!

*Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !@#@$#%#%^&^*^@&&%&())!!!!!!!

How it happened..
The floor was wet, and I slipped and fall.
At the same time, my thigh got slashed two times from a sharp edge *forgot what it is..*

It wasn't that painful, but it's already painful to stare at that deep wound..

No mood to blog longer..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I need your help.. >_>

EDIT: Some quiz Mr Hell asked me to do.

Answer the following questions:

1)The person who tagged you was?
A: Choooon Arryek (LOL)

2)Your relationship with him/her?
A: Friends.

3)Your 4 impressions of him/her?
Emolistic (No. 1)
Lovey Dovey (Ewww, but nice)
Victim of dirty jokes!
JIEMIN! (So obvious please..)

4)Most memorable thing he/she has done for you?
A: Eh, punching me like a punching bag maybe? LOL. Nah, he's done a lot, like helping up to clean the class on Wednesday!

5)Most memorable words she had said to you?
A: Titration, Thailand, Taiwan.

6)If he/she becomes your lover,you will?
A: HELL NO! There's no way I'm gonna castrate my pole.

7)If he/she become your lover,what are the things he/she has to improve on?
A: Read Question 6, DUDE!

8)If he/she becomes your enemy,you will?
A: Neutral..

9)If he/she becomes your enemy,what's the reason?
A: Something like laughing at me when I read Chinese! (WTF t(-.-t)

10)The thing you desire to do most for him/her will be?
A: Kill him, smack him, slam him and laugh at him. *evil laughs*

11)Overall impression of him/her?
A: Mr Nice Guy. LOL.

12)How do you think people around will feel about you?
A: They'll feel that I'm a necessity and a precious resource. (People call me *oil*, and yeah, WTF for goodness's sake!)

13)A good trait you love about yourself?
A: A belly that can perform Kallang Waves.

14)A character trait that you hate about yourself?
A: A born slacker.

15)A person you want to be?
A: A successful person, married to a wonderful wife (HOOO!) and die peacefully. I'm a simple person, really.

16)Say something to the people who care for you!
A: Is there? Only one! SUYING! I LOVE YOU! =D

Pass this quiz to 10 people to know how they feel about you.

#1 Suying
#2 Derrick
#3 Jiemin
#4 Weeleng
#5 Swee Hong
#6 Cheng Jun
#7 Hock Zheng
#8 Rachel
#9 Boon Keat
#10 Gary

Who is #6 having a relationship with?
A: His dream wife. Maybe?

Is #9 a male or female?
A: Male.

If #7 and #10 are together,would it be a good thing?
A: They are not gays..

How about #8 and #5?
A: Sounds nice? LOL.

What's #2 currently studying about?
A: On the mission to find his perfect girl, and English!

When was the last time you talked to #3?
A: Yesterday.

What kind of music does #8 like?
A: Heavy Metal and Rock.

Does #1 have any siblings?
A: 2 sisters!

Will you woo #3?
A: Later I kena whacked arh.

How about #7?

Is #4 single?
A: I think so?

What's #5's surname?
A: Tan

How about #10?
A: Lim

#4's hobby?
A: Online games!

Do #5 and #9 get along?
A: Dangerous question..

Where does #2 study at?
A: Gan Eng Seng School.

Say something casual about #1?
A: Chit-Chat princess! Super healer! Kuchi Kuchi victim, LOL!

Where does #9 live?
A: Police Station, LOL.

Are #5 and #1 best friends?
A: No way! Hell no!

Does #7 like #2?

How do you get to know #2?
A: After I retained and on the first day of 2007.

Does #1 have any pets?
A: Kittens and terrapins.

Is #7 the sexiest person in the world?

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