March 28, 2008

Bad day again.

As stated above, it's another bad day.

Firstly, Maths test. I failed to complete 3-4 questions and that freaking sucks. I think I'm gonna fail again, shucks, 3 fails and only 1 pass for CA1. Well, all I can hope for is just a pass now..

Lastly, people this morning in the bus were treating me as toxic. I know my looks are ugly, but why are they so irritated by my looks? I'm not a monster, just a human being and they always judge the book by its cover. I'm sick of this, man. It's either there will be a 2-3m radius of space around me or I'm left alone. Unless I really look like serial killer..

Overall, it's just a bad day. Luckily, I managed to hold my temper, and not shout.

Oh well, I think I'm growing old because of all the anger..

And hackers had targeted two of my friends in Cabal. Both Lv. 100, and got hacked, 45 million of Alz and Upgrades Cores (High) all gone. What's up with hackers these days.. Why hack a month's effort of training and fun? These people really have no heart at all, absolutely no remorse whatsoever.

That's it for today, hopefully tomorrow's a better day, I HOPE!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you!

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