March 24, 2008

Not my day at all.

As the above title states, today isn't my day or just isn't the best day of this month.

Firstly, during PE lesson. I kinda over-exerted myself and got myself hyper-exhausted (Is there even such a word?) Well, my heart is beating very, very fast, kinda like a vibration. I made 4 attempts to vomit, so as to make myself feel better. Mr Teo said that it's either something I ate this morning or maybe it's because I ran too much during the 2.4 km run practice. Whatever it is, the feeling isn't right and feeling nauseous for 7 rather long minutes sucks. Furthermore, I'm breathless and ugh, can't describe the feeling at all.

Secondly, CME period. Can't say much though, just trying to prevent flaming. But heck, whatever I say which is right, some people will think of it as wrong. I'm thinking, is this a trend? But, I'm truly glad that at least there are people in the class who still have their sanity intact, otherwise they would land up in the mental hospital. What's more, this trend is not only happening in our school, but others as well.

Defying the teacher's instructions?
Hell yeah, that's cool!


Finally, the long trip home and it rained on me, freaking hard. I'm having a slight flu right now. Well, just my luck eh?

Before I end this, I wish to say something to the anonymous tagger in the tagbox.
I said it before, and I won't say it again. I won't reply to anonymous taggers or any kind of name that I don't find familiar. I would prefer you to tag with your TRUE name and if you don't know me, say something, like you are from the XXXX forums or whatever. I would greatly appreciate it if you would tag once again, and with your TRUE name, not some idiotic name. It isn't that hard and it's not as if I'm gonna hack you through your IP address or something. If you decided not to post again, please ignore this post, thank you.

I'm tired, dead tired. I'm just gonna sleep and cuddle my bolster.
I'll tag the other blogs another day.
So till then, see ya tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, don't over-stress yourself. I know the O levels are very important, but your health is just as important than the examinations. Please do take care of yourself and do not make me worried all the time! Btw, tomorrow's our 2 month anniversary (Haha!) and I want you to rid of all homework! We must chat, play and eat together tomorrow!

Till then, see ya tomorrow as well, sweetie pie! =D

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