November 28, 2007

What a rainy day!

Just a reminder, it's okay if you don't want to comment or anything. Actually i would prefer more readers than comments. After all, a blog is meant to be read, not admiration or anything. I wouldn't scream at you for not commenting! Don't worry! Heh.

Well anyway, back to today's topic. I decided to blog an entry all around 10pm to 11pm. At least, i could summarize about what happened today into one post. Pretty convenient eh? Haha, i'm beginning to get back my blogging addiction, which is much better than gaming addiction. I've set my leveling hours for Trickster to a minimum of 2 levels per day and 3 levels the maximum. I'm currently Lvl. 78 right now and it's pretty torturing to level up. Well, on the brighter side, MapleSEA's Lvl 70-ish players only receives 0.01% per monster, while the Lvl. 70-ish players in Trickster receives 0.4% without a party per monster. Yeah!


Today rained like, "all troubles teared away". Yeah, that's what i felt. The clapping sounds of the lightning is kinda like, "punch the wall till you're content". Maybe today was a reflection for me, about what happened all this time, since the first day of school till now. I felt relieved, no idea why, but my heart which was heavy at first, gotten all light all of a sudden. What a day to remember, 281107. Yes, really, maybe i should celebrate this day myself next year.

And about my birthday next year, try not to create a commotion. I haven't celebrated my birthday for 12 years. My birthday's merely just a normal day, the only thing which changes is my age. Ever since that day, i just couldn't celebrate it anymore. My first ever present from a friend was last year, from a bunch of friends i could trust. But now, i felt that they.. already drifted away from me. Maybe me as a chairman during 2005 was a big impact on my former Sec 2 class, 2B. I really missed those days, i can't believe that all of that just got erased from my mind. Now most of my old friends are individualists, no more class spirit, just you, on your own.

I'm really jealous of the other classes, where the class is one. Yesterday's *Class* BBQ shouldn't even be called *Class* BBQ. It should just be a normal BBQ, just for the friends and teachers. We can't even take a *Class* photo, because the word *Class* would be totally out of the picture. I mean, obviously there are people missing from picture, from 3D 2007. I just wished that those who got transfered/retained or whatever would still regard themselves as part of 3D 2007. I hope that Shan Yang is okay, instead of sulking all day long, stand up and start from scratch. You kept on saying that i couldn't understand you. You know, when i retained, i cried for days and days. Torturing myself by excessive punching. I still remembered Mr Kung's words, i'm definitely a broken glass, which is pieced back together piece by piece.

I'm not afraid of criticism. Whether you called me a gay, dickless bastard, not a man, asswhore or whatever. Because the truth is right here, in the middle of my limbs, lies a dick. When someone does not want to share something personal, do not even force, or worse, make the matter worse simply by criticizing.

Lastly, not all people who smokes, are baddies. If you believe in that crap, you are implying that my mother's a baddie and my uncle is a baddie.

Just to add on, i removed the tagboard so that i could flame anyone. Blogger's commenting doesn't allow spam, since they themselves already hate spam. And the best thing is, we can settle things face to face, without even using a tagboard.

Peace out~
May God bless you!


  1. zzz craps lar
    remove tagboard so as not to create flame...i think is u lazy reply tags :X just jking

    if i remember de web i sure go spam

  2. Why not tagboard? :(

  3. Anyways,i'm Vera ;DDD

  4. hahahah im a bit lazy LOL muz login.