November 12, 2007

random #1

Just a short update.

I'm just expressing some of my feelings..

Well, the whole day, i've been wondering about next year. Yeah, and i really got this strong feeling that something bad is gonna happen, next year. I had a bad dream last night.

This is what happened.

All my friends got influenced by one guy..
I'm all alone to my old self..
My blog will be dead by then..
And the worst thing is, being known as "non-existant".

I learn from a lot of Anime shows, that if nobody wants to acknowledge you, you might as well just die. If even one person acknowledges you, you'll be the happiest guy on Earth. Some people cannot live without girls, without money, etc.

Sorry Rachel, but i'm gonna use you as an example. Last time, she used to look nerdy and rather ugly. Now when she looked pretty and nice, boys start to court her. During that time, she used to be alone, nobody wants her because of her looks. Man, where are the people who looks for personality instead of appearance? All are extinct.

And to everyone out there, please be faithful to your partners, try to not mix with the opposite genders too often, otherwise the other party will get jealous. The outcome will be dreadful, trust me. There will be lots of bitching and fucking here and there.

I don't why i'm even saying this but we are still young. We got time to find our rightful partners. If those who are already in a relationship, please try to maintain it, because the love which lasts from young to old is sweet.

Maybe, love is really troublesome, but we all have to do it, right? If weren't for our parents, we wouldn't even be born.

Well, that's about it.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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