November 27, 2007

Class BBQ

Good evening!

I just came back from the Class BBQ. It was damn fun, and yeah, i enjoyed it. Before we actually head for the BBQ, the whole afternoon from 2pm - 6pm was rather boring. Yeah, we did nothing, at least we had Jasper and Asha tell us funny jokes! Haha, thanks!

We had BBQ and Truth or Dare right after that. I backed out in the middle of it, because of something personal that i do not wish to share.

Pictures from the BBQ, not well taken but i need it since it's the first time i went to East Coast Park (Surprise! Surprise!)

Some views of East Coast Park.

Jasper and Asha~

Derrick and his PSP~

Mun Tat with my Rubik's Cube~

Weeleng~ Cool seh.

Karimmmm~ And Mun Tat's face got slashed?

Asha, Kaiz, Jasper~


Derrick, FACE OFF.

BBQ Pictures

Hot Bods~

The ending picture.

Peace out~
May God bless you!


  1. HAHAX 3 cheers dun have my photos XD

    anyway...i think its jasper tats over
    board on de game..haha

    1 more thing

    SEND ME DE SONG:!:"!£@!!"@£@!"£

  2. hellooooo! haha im still more used to ur tagbox!

    and east coast's FUN =DD

    John!! learn how to cycle! its easy! Really. =D

  3. Man i am glad u dunno how to cycle....Now my whole legs ache lyk siao...