November 14, 2007

Sorry sorry sorry!
Gomen nasai!

I haven't been updating for a day! I have been playing games, watching Naruto (OMFG, i'm watching Episode 137 already!) and my MSN's been down for a day. No idea why, but yesterday when i tried to login MSN, it always gave me a troubleshooting pop up. Troublesome indeed! Then i found i had a malicious software (Malware) in my computer, so i had to download a Malicious Tool Removal from Microsoft to solve the problem. Luckily, my computer did not get busted up.

Well, if it did get busted all over, i would have create a destruction in my whole block. Whack the walls, scream like nobody's business and just don't care about anything. Because the computer is my life, my precious shit ever in the world, of course, my most precious is my family!

I've decided to just play one MMORPG, Trickster Online. MapleSEA is incomparable to this game, because MapleSEA is under an Asian community, while Trickster's under a Global community. I have to admit, but i'll die soon in MapleSEA, so i rather mix with the Global people than the Asians. No offense to Asians, since i'm an Asian.

Please join me in the game! Click here for the link.

My characters are, DeepAzure Lvl 34 Shaman and BlueAnimals Lvl 20 Lion. I'm playing in Jewelia server and join me! It's a game where Maple + Runescape collides with each other. You could earn money by drilling for items (Almost similar to excavation), play cards with other players, do 4 different kinds of quests, guild quest, party quest, create a guild for a cheap price (Unlike Maple, which costs a bomb), a free shop (Unlike Maple again, where you have to spend real money to open up a shop), a fully customizable camp/house, pets with stats, cute characters and it's quite fun!

Note: If you want to play the game, please don't ask me for help for the most basic things, like where's the shop all those, this is a game, and it's meant for you to explore. I'll help you if things really get out of hand, otherwise, explore the game yourself without my help. If i always help, the game will not be fun at all.

Btw, it's a good way of wasting your time during your holidays, if you are the type who lazes around doing nothing but crap and chat. Don't get too addicted yeah, although some people think that this game is for children, but there are adults around! Yeah, believe me. And the Global people are so much more friendly than the Asians.


I'm so crazy about Animes, that i even speak Japanese! LOL.
Just some easy Japanese phrases for the dummies!

  • Good morning -- Ohayo gozaimasu
  • Good afternoon (day) -- Konnichiwa
  • Good evening -- Konbanwa
  • Good-bye -- Sayonara
  • Good night -- Oyasuminasai
  • How are you? -- O genki desu ka?
  • How do you do? -- Hajimemashite
  • Pleased to meet you -- Dozo yoroshiku or Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
  • I am fine -- Hai, genki desu
  • And you? -- Anata wa?
  • Thank you (very much) -- Domo arigato gozaimasu
  • You're welcome -- Do itashi mashite
  • Say! Listen! (to get attention) -- Anone
  • Excuse me (to get attention) -- Sumi masen
  • Excuse me (pardon me) -- Gomen nasai or Shitsurei shimasu
  • I am sorry -- Gomen nasai
  • Please (when offering something) -- Dozo
  • Please (when requesting something) -- Kudasai
  • Please show me -- Misete kudasai
  • Please write it -- Kaite kudasai
  • Please give me this -- Kore o kudasai
  • I'm sick -- Byoki desu
  • Let's go -- Ikimasho
  • Do you speak English? -- Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka?
  • Yes, I speak a little -- Hai, sukoshi hanashimasu
  • Do you understand? -- Wakarimasu ka?
  • Yes, I understand -- Hai, wakarimasu
  • Oh, I see -- As, soo desu ka
  • No, I don't understand -- Iie, wakarimasen
  • Please say it again -- Mo ichido itte kudasai
  • Please speak slowly -- Yukkuri hanashi te kudasai
  • Please wait a moment -- Chotto matte kudasai
  • What is your name? -- Anata-no namae wa?
  • My name is _______ -- Watashi no namae wa ________ desu
  • Where is it? -- Doko desu ka?
  • What time is it? -- Nan-ji desu ka?
  • How much is it? -- Sore wa ikura desu ka?
  • I will take it -- Sore kudasai
  • No, thank you -- Iie kekko desu
  • Do you like it? -- Suki desu ka?
  • I like it -- Suki desu
  • I don't like it -- Kirai desu
  • It's beautiful -- Kirei desu
  • Hello (on telephone only) -- Moshi moshi
  • Let me see -- So desu ne
  • Welcome -- Irrasshaimase
  • Where is the toilet? -- Toire wa doko desu ka?
Extracted from this site!


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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