November 5, 2007

anime crazy

Ohayou Gozaimasu!
Good morning!
It's 12.21 am now!

Sorry for blogging late. Yeah, because i was rather busy in the afternoon and evening. I had a BBQ cum spring cleaning up in my home so the whole day was packed. BBQ rocks! You know what? Me and my maid had a mini BBQ in our house! The BBQ pit was very well made, yeah, you guess it right, it was a man made BBQ, with two bricks, a pit of charcoal and a tray wrapped with aluminum foil. Haha, it was rather fun and we get to BBQ sausages, crab meat, cuttlefish and much more.

After that, around 1pm, i cleaned and packed up my room. I consolidated all the papers from this year's into their respective files. Haha, Miss Pang, don't worry, i'll complete the checklist you gave me. And yeah, i did not take any pictures because my phone is low in memory and i'm rather lazy to delete the files in it. After the spring cleaning, i watched Naruto and it was damn nice to watch!

I watched from episode 1-30 and that's why i didn't update in afternoon or in the evening. Haha! Naruto is soooooo addictive! I'm gonna download 30 more episodes tomorrow and watch them!

That's all for what i've done today.


Anyone has this game, or know where it is sold?

Yeah, it's the first installment of Call of Duty and it's the only one which my computer can support for now, with my current CPU status. My CPU can't support Call of Duty 2 and 3. So i'm requesting for this game. I went to my nearest gaming shop in United Square and they do not have it. I assume this game is rather extinct since the developers kept on making new games.

If you have the game, lend it to me. If it requires a CD to play, i'll try to find a crack file to play without it. Even better, if you know where it is sold, please tell me, because i love this game!


If you are bored, watch this. It's quite nice!
If you are in military band, you'll like it even more!
If you like drums, this is for you!

Nick Cannon plays a talented drummer (snare) who is recruited to college. He impresses the Band Director with his talent, and is offered an opportunity to play with a band that has been finishing 2nd in a National competition. Since a large part of a successful outcome depends on the quality of the drum section, the director feels that he may be the "missing key" to land them the 1st place trophy. The band director is under a lot of pressure from the schools administrator to win the National competition this year - the implication being that he is out if he doesn't.

Canon's character Devon is a bold, brash young man and immediately causes tension with the Section Leader. Although Devon isn't given a starting position in the band, he feels that he deserves it. Additional tension ensues as Devon is constantly challenging and attempting to show up or embarress the leader.

Devon learns that he may be able to make it onto the starting squad by issuing a challenge, and then winning in a one on one challenge. There's just one hitch - Devon doesn't read music. He's managed to compensate so far by utilizing a near photographic memory and combining that with his almost savant talent to get by. He quite often just riffs, or plays combinations of drum sequences that he has memorized over time.

There is a small sub-plot where the director of the number one band attempts to "bribe" Devon to switch schools and come play for him.

Additionally there is a little time devoted to a romance angle that doesn't affect the story line.

Devon finally demonstrates to the section leader that he is worthy of "starting" while additionally earning the leaders respect.

The day of the big National competition arrives. Devon has committed an infraction that prevents him from starting. After all the bands have competed there is an announcement that there is a tie - you guessed it - between the number one band (that attempted to recruit Devon) and Devon's school. A "drum-off' is announced. The drum sections from each band will meet on the field and compete one at a time directly against each other.

The band director asks Devon if he would like to see what it would be like to play on the field next year - then tells Devon to suit-up and go out and play in the drum-off. The two competing drum lines tradeoff playing times and for their last performance the number one band marches literally right into Devon and his drum line's face and plays on their drums in addition to their own - ending with tossing their drum sticks right at Devon's drum line. Devon's section responds in kind - even to the point of dropping their sticks on the drums of the number one band....then from out of nowhere they all pull out additional sticks and complete an additonal -"in your face" drum ending.

After the two performances, tension ensues and the director makes use of all his cameras by showing the anticipation of all the participants and their supporters. The number one director is strutting and telling his staff that they won, when the annoucement is made that Devon's band won.

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