November 10, 2007

the game plan!

Good evening!

Today was fun, in a weird way. LOL.
Me, Derrick, Chungaik, Jiemin and Shuting watched The Game Plan at Plaza Singapura today!
OMFG, it's freaking awesome.
No wonder it's rated 5 stars!
If you haven't watch it, watch it ASAP!
It will give you a good laugh!


Before we watched the movie, me, Chungaik, Jiemin and Shuting went to Orchard to accompany Chungaik to buy his Crumpler bag. Unfortunately, there was no color of his choice, which is black. Even at Raffles City, there was no black Crumplers. Seems that black is a popular color! Oh well, tough luck anyway.

After all that, went to meet Derrick and the first thing that shook our mind! Don't wanna tell, later i get pounded by him, meaning i will die! Well, i will not say it though. Anyone brave enough, just tell everyone in my tagbox. =D

Then we headed for PS. Played in the arcade for awhile. After we bought the tickets (CHUNGAIK!!!!), i played Daytona with Chungaik, but the drifting was rather weird, it always seemed that we cannot even drift. The girls were playing a game similar to O2 Jam and Beatmania. Then Derrick played Outrun 2, the drift in that game was HOT!

After that, went inside the cinema and watched the awesome movie!

Well, that's all.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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