November 26, 2007

Easy there..

Well, at least i'm updating regularly now. The reason why i used this skin, is because, customized skins are rather way too complex for me. And it's rather hard to reply tags, mainly because i'm lazy. So, i'm kinda like changing this into a Friendster + Blogger kind of blog. I hope you know what i mean. Replying tags are kinda troublesome.

So, sorry for not having a tagboard here, but i find the tagboard, pretty useless. It invites spams, unwanted visitors, arguments, and much more. And there are times when those unwanted tags kinda pulls down a person's motivation to blog. I been through most of them.

If you do not wish to comment anything, it's perfectly fine with me, i'm not gonna hold any grudge with you at all. As long as you DO read my blog, i'm content. I currently disabled anonymous comments, so sorry to those who do not have a blogger account, but still, do read.


So tomorrow's the BBQ outing huh.
I hope it goes out well though, well, it's almost like i always had a bad feeling about everything.
Forget about me, let's enjoy it to the fullest!

Peace out~
May God bless you!

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