November 6, 2007

so bored

Good evening, readers!

If you seen me in MSN just now, you can see that i typed my nickname as, "Got pissed off all of a sudden". Yeah, this was what happened.

As you know, it had been raining for days, mostly in the morning and i live in a HDB flat. The most unfortunate thing is that me and my family of 2 live at the top floor (11th floor). Whenever it rains, my unit gets blamed for the water dripping from above. Guess what, the unit which complained about me was about 4 floors below me. If you are reading, this is obviously biased.

Okay, IF the unit that is complaining is just below me, it's reasonable and able to argue. BUT, the unit that's complaining is 4 floors below my unit? Simply biased.

The thing is, i did not recall any grudges against that unit and they chose to complain to our unit. I mean, it's raining for fuck's sake. Why wouldn't there be any water dripping from above. Another thing is that, he was a young man, aged around 20+, who complained.

Now now, so what in the hell water dripping got any thing to do with your house. I wanna exaggerate here a bit.

Water droplets = BOMBS?
Water droplets = KNIFES?
Water droplets = BIRD SHIT(s)?
Water droplets = INSTANT DEATH?

Zzz, and for goodness sake, you are educated. If you can't even complain politely, why should i? You stepped outside my door, banging the damn door like nobody's business, and the damn bell outside my unit's door is there for your damned CONVENIENCE.

Yeah, sorry for scolding you but it's all your damned fault. Why use vulgarities at my unit in the first place? You lived here not even for a year, let alone 5 months, and you wanna find trouble? Hey, i lived here for 15 freaking years, and the neighbors around me can prove that to your damned face.

That pretty much shows that not all adults are mature, most of them just LOOKED mature, but not the brain, that's all. And a 20 year old picking a fight with a 16 year old? You gotta be damned. My whole family had been on good terms with the neighbors around us, even if we had problems, we settle it politely and patiently. Unlike you, a 20 year old banging at my door step, scolding vulgarities and all just because of water droplets.

My maid and my mum are over 50+ years old, and they can own you, this 20 year old "adult" hands down.

Zzz, i wished that you move out of your house. I still prefer the old neighbors that once lived at your unit. AT LEAST, they are not as stupid as you.

Yes, i needed to let my frustration out. Otherwise, i would have used violence against that bastard.

Thanks Blog, you helped me out once again.

Well, hopefully tomorrow's a much better day.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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