November 23, 2007

after a long pause..

How many days has passed?
How many days have i not update on my blog?
How time flies..

Guess what, i even thought that today's only the 15th. It's already 23rd. How time flies..

It's just so weird to update my blog with random stuffs, like music, videos and pictures. I would usually post a long essay about shits and whatever. This holiday has gotten more boring. Playing online games or single player games every single day actually seemed lifeless. Doing homework during holidays seemed way too awkward for me, something even my mother would feel my forehead to whether i have a fever or not.

Even if i go out, i'll have no interest at all. How i wish that some of my friends would accompany me to East Coast Park, to stay overnight, view the sunrise, fly kites, jog around and much more. All these activities just shows exactly how great life is. I'm pretty sure this Tuesday's outing wouldn't have all those. Just BBQ. Well, better than nothing, right?

I wake up everyday, brush my teeth, eat my breakfast, login my Trickster account and just play the whole day. I'm a game addict, and i'm trying to control it. With regards to yesterday's Tab TV, gaming addiction is exactly similar to smoking and drugs. I'm really trying to control it so that i could continue blogging after the holidays, despite the fact that the N levels are near. My mother would usually confiscate my keyboard and mouse during the weekdays and return back during the weekends.

Well, what can i say. I just wish that the holidays just pass by quickly, so that i can finish studying, pursue a career in design and have a family.

My life is pretty simple.

I just want to have a good life, have a good wife, 2 children (A boy and a girl), have a reasonable paying career, enjoy my youth while it lasts, enjoy my old self in peace and die in peace.

Peace out~
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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