November 9, 2007


Good evening!

Man, it felt like years since i never blog.
(Well, it's only been a day)

And there are too many tags, so i'll be replying to them at the end of my post.

I'm so addicted to Naruto right now, that i'm even speaking Japanese languages.
(It happened before, when i watched Bleach, Inuyasha, Samurai X and Gundam Seed)

So games, especially online ones, are untouched. Maybe watching Anime is a good way to kill the addiction of games.


Today's pretty peculiar, meaning different or unusual. It had been raining for days, and today's the only day which never rained. People once told me that when it rains, it can be a bad omen. For instance, someone important who passed away or someone who cried for days. So maybe, today's really a happy day!

But today really seemed like a good day to go out! So, i went out for some basketball since my middle finger had recovered. Man, it hurt for days, 2 days to be exact. And when i went home, i started watching Naruto again! Naruto Animes really rock!

The reason why i never blog yesterday was because...
(Check the answer at the end of the post =P)


Reply of tags, consolidated all into one individual's name.

Haha! You are forever mean! Don't say that you are 40% or 10% only, because the fact is really, you are a meanie! And don't twist my head, it's not worth it. Go twist his! And tongue twisters are good for you! Btw, the video is really nice. Showed a lot of memories in there, all gotten flashback into my mind all of a sudden. =D

Hoho. Your tongue's rolled over. You got owned! Hahaha! Nah, i hate MMORPGs for now. I mean, no use leveling up all the time, when basically you are just wasting your time in a total virtual world for nothing, when you can use the time for something practical. Haha! Take care!

Yah lah! Your blog is so expensive. Sell your blog and buy me a PSP! I think ah, by 100000 million years, this world is as good as dead. Read more!

Yes! She's an evil witch, don't go close to her, otherwise she'll turn you into a frog. OMFG, i'm not sexy, and i don't have goosy goose nipples! And you want to bite it. Owwwwww damn..

YO! It's been 19718784817809 years since you tagged! Anyway, yes! I would want to use a dynamite to blast open that guy's dick. He's a sadist, that's all. =D

Nooo. Don't bash yourself, lemme do the job.

Relaxation? I'm in depression. *locks room*

LOOOOOONG! Yes, after those years, you wouldn't see me around. We are all dead!

OK! TOMORROW IN ORCHARD PARAGON! Don't buy the same bag as me can? =D


... i'm lazy xD!


That's all for today!

And rate Jiemin's work in YouTube for the class video!
Click here
In my view, it's really well done!
Good job!
(Please don't give any unnecesary comments)

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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