November 5, 2007

nightmares galore

Good evening!

I can feel my muscles getting their shape and my bones hardening! Yeah, i had been playing 4 hours of basketball with a stranger in the afternoon. He was darn good, well, at least we became friends! I could well say that he scored 9/10 in 3 pointers and never missed a layout! I was rather weak, so i played basketball once every week, either alone or with a friend or two. I went home, with a souvenir. An injured middle finger. Haha, i exerted too much pressure on myself already, trying to slim down!

Well, enough of that.


I didn't really know that there was an extra Chemistry lesson today. So i set my alarm at around 9am. Then Chungaik woke me up at around 9.30am, because i overslept.

See John? Addiction kills. (I've watched too much Naruto last night!)

Well anyway, i was supposed to meet up with Chungaik and Jiemin at the opposite bus stop facing the school. Initially, i thought it was at the right side of the school, near an overhead bridge. So yeah, i got off at there and had to walk all the way there, where those two are! By the time i reached there, i was sweating already.

While walking along the path, i can see Jiemin signaling to me on the opposite site, so i had to cross the road. After that, we went into the community center, where we are gonna play our badminton game. It was fun bullying Jiemin, calling her Auntie, Grandma or whatever sounds really old to her! And yeah, i almost swallowed a leaf, all because of Jiemin, using that racket to fan the leaves to me!

When we reached the center, i had to book the court. It took rather long, no, damn long. The guy who was booking the court for me, was a first timer. Yeah, of all days, he had to work for the first time today. So i was standing there, staring blankly at Chungaik and Jiemin playing together. As usual, she kept missing, the *cocks*

The whole day, was just me, Chungaik and Jiemin playing. Kaijie and Boon Keat came, but without any rackets. So it was handicapped all the way! I was barefooted and was holding a heavy racket, and my hand is shivering like crazy. After that, we went to the market, chit-chat and then went on our separate ways. Jiemin went to Tiong Bahru Plaza, and we went to Queensway.

Kaijie and Chungaik searched for ear studs around the mall, while i'm the good boy, standing there like nobody's business. I looked for my games, but Queensway don't sell PC games, only console games. Boredom!

After that, Kaijie went home. Me and Chungaik went back Tiong Bahru Plaza to check out some games. Then we went into the arcade to play Daytona USA. Fuck, he won me 4/5 and i won once but the game drift damn nice!

Then i went home to sleep and play basketball!

That's all for today!


Just now, i received some pictures of this girl from that girl.

Tell you what. This is what happened.
And it contains loads of chimioooooooo English.
Try to understand, alright-aye?

My eyes went O.O
My penis did not steam, which was so obvious.
My first impression, she was not cute, and she had a distorted face.
I almost vomitted, seeing the pimples on her face.
And i thought, maybe Rachel's right, *his* eyes are really jiasai to the max.
With what kind of shit? Cow dung maybe?
And *he* really picked up a cow!
But who knows, maybe he goes for the heart itself.
Then i received a picture of her chest.
I compared, maybe mine's bigger?

*stares at the chest closely*
And please, i'm rather dirty at times.

Although mine's is not the feminine type, i would rather look on my own chest than hers.
I almost felt that i'm gonna have nightmares. *all your fault!*
I would not refer this to porn, rather it to be instant laxatives.
Then i heard outside my window, something dropped.
And i saw a dead bird.
Maybe the bird was interested in her face, but died due to excessive *cuteness*

Yes, i'm exaggerating.

I deleted those pictures away.
I went to SGH (Singapore General Hospital), to have an operation on my stomach.
The surgeon said.

"You watched porn?"

I slapped him.

"No, i saw a distorted cow face in front of me"

Ok. I see. Thanks for the slap.

"You're welcomed"

Resemblance of anyone is this sarcasm, is purely coincidental, that is, if you have a face of an animal.


Yeah, i'm gonna have nightmares soon. *thanks a lot xD*
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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