March 3, 2009

So cold.

Good evening. I was about to sleep already, but I just had to update. Haha.

I'm currently using Safari, a web-browser from Apple. Somehow, it's so much faster than Mozilla Firefox, which seems to be aging (Internet speed getting slower, lol). To add on, I also love the UI (User interface), a simple and smooth grey-ish window, with smooth fonts. The word is smooth. If you want to try it, here's the link. There are still some problems with it, like not being able to view the full link at the bottom of the window and not much customization. Still, it's good to have an alternative browser, right?

Mr Tan's lesson today was lively. I don't know why. But I kinda enjoyed it. The jokes will keep the class awake and attentive. It really works! Haha!

The rest of the day was just plain slacking. There isn't much to do during History and Social Studies. Mr Leong just played videos for us, since giving powerpoint lessons doesn't seem to interest the class at all.

After all that, I went to find Miss Pang because I was chosen for Heart2Heart. As expected, it was a hearty talk, but I noticed that I'm quite a long winded person. Haha, I think I'm annoying as well! But anyway, it's good to let out that bottle of frustrations or just some good news you wished to share. Went home at around 2pm.

Well, that's all for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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