March 16, 2009

Missing school already?

I think I'm starting to miss school already. I actually woke up at 4.30 am this morning, and ran 5 rounds in the jogging track!

I did most of my homework already. I haven't done the Maths online assessment in Mr Kung said that the homework will be there on Sunday. I checked it yesterday, but it wasn't there though. Unless he's doing Jobweek, I assumed he's in school, haha.

Hmm.. Jobweek.

Nobody came to my house. Boohoo. It seems that my home district is kinda unpopular huh! Last time, I used to do Jobweek at my district. I accumulated around $200 from 3 flats. Kinda little, still better than nothing. I might need to get that $50, for the sports hall and CCA crap, using this Jobweek method.. Haha.

Gonna be a busy week. Gonna finish the rest of the homework. Tomorrow is Kenneth's birthday, he invited most of my friends. Looking forward to it. This Thursday, I will be going to Settler's and celebrating Beng Shiang's advanced birthday as well. After all that, I'll go straight into pure gaming and end this week with a tired mind.

Well, that's all I have for today..


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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  1. Hey happening week yeah?

    And you're almost done with your hw?! OMG THATS FAST!!

    I'm still left with Physic, English, SS, well, basically its EVERYTHING!!! =O

    Haha I can't wait for the settlers outing. =X I've planned that me and Bengshiang would take one table each and be the game host for our tables. xD