March 27, 2009

Cross Country.

It's my final cross country race.. Well, it's alright. The tents definitely looked better than the past 2 years, although some people may beg to differ. We can't trade our number tags for 2 cups of Milo, oh my God, that is SAD! But, at least, we got NEWater and popsicles! Seriously, the popsicles were the bomb.

This had to be my best run ever. And a memorable one.

I hurt my leg, and both of my palms. I had two deep cuts on right palm, probably caused by a wandering stone and the left palm wasn't so serious. I had a cut on my left leg, which stings. I couldn't walk for a moment. But somehow, it gave me the drive to run faster! I have no idea why, but in the past, pain used to give strength to run. Pain like, cuts, bruises or headaches. Definitely not abrasion.

I was supposed to run with my friends.. But they were all too fast to catch up with. All I wanted was a slow jog to admire the Chinese Garden. In the end, I was running with Derrick, encouraging him to run and catch up. As usual, not all checkpoints are encouraging people. When I was Secondary 1, running in MacRitchie reservoir, the checkpoint ICs and cadets were enthusiastic and kept saying "Jiayou!". This year, it was so dull. They look at you, I look at them, yeah.

Nevertheless, it was still a fun jog, even though I ran alone. The prize giving ceremony was kinda long and boring. Probably because I can't hear shit from where I'm sitting. People around me were taking pictures or camwhoring. Sigh, I can see that those people were really good friends.

My class wasn't a whole. Some were at the back, at the left and front. It's like as if 5B didn't exist at all. I guess we are really an underrated class huh. I really envy 5A. They have teamwork, group photos to remember all the good times, good friends and so much more. They even cheer for their classmates when they receive their medals. I'm just envious, I hadn't got the courage to cheer because the people around me were feeling dull.

Went home after the school song had been sung.
That's it for today then.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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