March 10, 2009


So late in the evening, yet there's hardly any people in 131. Weird huh. Went out with some of my Granado Espada guild members in Plaza Singapura. Yep, they are the loyal bunch of players!

Sorry for not updating for the past 5 days. The reason is below.

Argh. My internet is being a total ASS! I'm using Starhub Maxonline. The speed was alright from January 2009, until March came and the internet speed began to decrease dramatically. From a whooping 1MB/second (Downloading from Singapore servers) to a minuscule speed of 10+KB/second. I have no idea what's causing this problem.. But I hope Starhub would fix it. I've been a loyal customer for 3 years..

Anyway, my new wallpaper for March. A plain, dark wood grain. (Supposed to post it, but forgotten, 3 days delay lol)

Yeah, I was defragging that evening. Look how messed up my hard drive is.

And if only this was my internet speed, it would be totally epic.


Been watching lots of interior design shows lately. I was being impatient, haha. I'm really sick of studies.. Other than computer games, interior design is something I can get addicted to. You guys know the effects of computer games.. Haha. So it's the same for designing for me.

I made my most major mistake yet. I left my spectacles at school. YES. WTF.

I can't believe I left it at school. What if someone stole it? Somehow, I backtracked but too many events were taking place. I can't remember where I placed it. Man, these few days, I've been really forgetful and clumsy as well. It sucks, you know. I may need to eat more fish, to increase my brain power? Lol. Now, I really hope that it's not someone who stole my new pair of spectacles but me who totally forgotten about it and left it at school.

Speaking of spectacles..

I found my old pair in Miss Mah's chemistry lab. Boon Keat found his watch there too! Kinda like double happiness, haha! She said that her assistant was roaming around the school, and found those items. I guess Miss Mah's drawer serves as a lost and found center.

AND speaking of lost and found center..

WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT.. if the school implements a lost and found center? Probably some merit points as rewards for returning a lost item. It would serve as responsiblity and integrity for our core values. I did saw one back then, when I was in Secondary 1. The white board near the general office. Is it gone? Not too sure..

I've completed F.E.A.R 2 - Project Origin. This afternoon, I was searching for another horror game to dwell in. I found Silent Hill - Homecoming to be the next scary game that I would attempt to play. I watched the first few videos of Silent Hill.. It wasn't that scary yet. The environments were so damn bloody dark, that you can hardly see shit. The thing that scares me is the random noises surrounding the environment, yet you can't find the source of it.

In the first area of the game, I can hear a baby crying. I search into every door in the hospital, but to no avail. Unfortunately, I can't support the game well. It needs an nVidia 8800 GTX graphics card which is commonly used by the gamers of today. I met the minimum requirements though.. But wouldn't it be great to enjoy the game at it's best?

Just a video on the first gameplay. You can see that it's very dark. You can hardly see 5-6 feet away from you. The eerie noises and those random cliché pop-ups and scares. It isn't scary yet though, might be scarier in the later stages.

Well, that's all for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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  1. come on lah
    who would want to steal your lousy spectacles