March 2, 2009


This morning, the clouds were graceful and breath-taking. I snapped a photo of it, so gosh, it looked perfect despite using a 2.0 Megapixel camera. Oh and I'm glad that someone too, share the same interest as me, admiring and adoring cloudy skies. Kudos.

Noticed the shape? It looks like a slanted Pac-Man! Nevertheless, it's pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy my day. I have no problems with Mr Leong, although some people might disagree totally. No problems with Mr Kung, because he is always calm and friendly. Not D&T definitely, Mr Kwan is already the best there is. I'm only having problems with my English teacher, Mr Tan.

I agree that O Level English has much higher standards than N Level. I also agree that we must revise and revise, again and again. I had patience for him, until his lessons began to get boring and repetitive. He likes to go in-depth into every part of the English language, I have no problems with that. He should at least know that our vocabulary arsenal is lacking greatly, yet he used complicated synonyms and somehow assuming that we knew the meaning. And today at class, he gave out our English common test papers. I got 3/25 unfortunately.

I hate this part. Instead of going through the errors we committed and encourage us with amiable words, he kept saying how we did not study the pointers and answering notes that we copied during the English lectures. Really, he did not have to say, "You all" or words that refer to everyone. I STUDIED, GOODNESS GRACIOUS. It takes a while to get all that pointers and paraphrasing skills into our head you know.. And finally, he asked us to highlight words that we don't know and refer to a dictionary for the correct definition. He's gonna test us tomorrow, by picking random people and giving random questions. Man, I ***king hate those random games.

I memorized some definitions, and I have a gut feeling that he's gonna pick me somehow.

I really wish he would brighten up, smile more like the other teachers, make his lessons a lil interesting or add a lil humour (A joke or two wouldn't hurt right?). I don't like it when teachers get all over-sensitive like some lava fountain. This way, it's SO MUCH easier to interact and ask questions.

I went for the Physics AP for the first time. It sucks to have no one sitting next to you, makes me feel outcast, but whatever it is, it isn't my first anyway.

The skies suddenly turned grey-ish and loud claps of thunder came clashing around. It's DAMN LOUD, OKAY. I even heard that the Merlion got struck and it's being barricaded to prevent further damages.

This scene depicts a really, really angry sky.

Around late afternoon, went down to pass some keyboards and mouses to Chungaik. (It's good that he knew the way to my house, some people even upon multiple visits, still requires directions, lol)

And I can't login Live Messenger. No idea why. I did not even visit any harmful websites. Lmao.

This sucks..

Well, that's all for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

Edit* For Chungaik.

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  1. Even the skies have emotionals too!

    Where's a pretty blue sky and there's a dark one.

    And one of the reason why I like going to school early is just to stare at the sky!!

    Somehow it made me happy and it reminds me of happy stuff and someone.

    And btw John, I heard that those hair care centre are kind of useless. One friend share with me that her uncle spent nearly $10k already there but nothing have grown back yet.

    And continue to work even harder for this year!! =)

  2. Jiemin - Haha, I have to say, this is one of your longest comment yet. GOOD! Glad to know that clouds calm your soul. There are so spontaneous which is their beauty factor. About the hair problem, thanks for the tip. I will work hard, thanks ;)