March 20, 2009

March Double Birthdays!

I have to admit.. I had a really fun holiday!

There were two birthday celebrations, one for Kenneth and one for Beng Shiang. Both were equally fun! Definitely one of the best weeks I ever had.

So.. Happy Belated Birthday to Kenneth and Happy Advanced Birthday to Beng Shiang!

For Kenneth's celebration..
Me, Hock Zheng, Chungaik, Mun Tat, Beng Shiang, Boon Keat, Kai Jie and birthday boy, Kenneth went to a Japanese restaurant in Cathay on Tuesday. Man, the food was scrumptious enough to keep me satisfied. Unexpectedly, I got full way too fast, even though I did not ate lunch. We ate a lot of varieties, from typical Sushi to Udon, Ebi and Sashimi. The ambience inside was pretty nice and comfy too! After all that, we attempted to take a group photo, but failed. See Chungaik's blog for more details!

Next, we went to Chinatown to play some LAN gaming. We played from 6pm to 10pm. It was really hardcore! Haha. First, we played Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, I got top for most matches! Next was CS 1.6, and Chungaik got top frags! DotA was next. I haven't played it for like.. 2 years? My skills are all rusty already. WAIT, I have no skills to begin with! LOL. Anyway, I got owned totally, needless to say. Boon Keat was the top fragger. He has some crazy shit up his sleeves, man. And me? While others are like Lv. 15 or 20, I'm only like 9? I sucked at it, but I felt like playing it..

Went home, tired and listless.

For Beng Shiang's celebration..
Met up with Chungaik, Hock Zheng, Boon Keat, Kai Jie, Jiemin and Shuting at Chinatown Point to have lunch. I did not eat because I wanted to order food at Settler's. After eating, we went to purchase Beng Shiang's birthday cake! It costs $35 (I think?) and looks pretty awesome. We went to Settler's after that.

*skips all the [outside Settler's café] stuff, lol*

I love the café. Really. So many games to play. The game we played the most was Halli Galli! It got me, Hock Zheng, Chungaik and Shuting playing for long durations! The others that did not play are either tired from pressing the bell (Lol) or no interest at all. I also liked the Shadow [Something] game which was like the miniature version of Magic: The Gathering. OH GOD, I missed those days when I played Magic: The Gathering with my old classmates in Secondary 1/2. Nostalgia INDEED.

AND! I need to praise Jiemin for being such a wonderful host for me, Hock Zheng, Chungaik, Boon Keat and Shuting. She worked her butt off to cater to our needs, gave us instructions on how to play that game when some of us aren't listening and bringing out the cake for Beng Shiang! You looked pretty tired around 9pm+ and did not play with us. I'm guessing you're tired? Part and parcel of the occupation I guess. WHATEVER IT IS, thank you again for being such a wonderful host! *applauds*

Beng Shiang got cake-mashed! MUAHAHA.

After clearing up, me, Beng Shiang, Kenneth and Mun Tat went to Raffle's Place MRT to head home. Walked quite long but the evening breeze was refreshing.

Had neck aches. No idea why.


I'm gonna start cleaning up my room and finish all remaining homework. Not gonna blog for the weekend.. so check for updates next week!

Till then..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!


  1. "OoOoOoOhhh
    my favourite topic"

  2. Hey!!

    Haha no problem about that BS's birthday! I'm afterall a game host and since that night my colleagues are quite busy so I told them for my table, me and Bengshiang would settle outselves. Afterall we're trained to teach games!!!! Haha!

    Yeah I stopped playing around 9PM cuz I'm quite full then and my voice's tired. This is normal cuz when I'm working there I'll have to teach games none stop the whole evening.

    And thats why at the end of the session I suddenly MIA. I went upstairs to find Den and sat there to digest those food in my stomach. Haha!

    And glad you guys had fun! Shadow hunter could have been played in a even more fun manner though. =)

  3. Chungaik - FUBAR yourself. Lol.

    Jiemin - Oooo. Intimate moment huh. LOL. Yeah, if everyone had some interest, the game will turn out fine. Of course, we had fun! ;D