December 30, 2007

Late morning..

Good morning everyone!

I made this post, because I was bored. I'm been thinking, it's time I should take a break from those evil MMORPGs. I've been playing it for the past 2 months, not really concentrating on my work. It's too distracting for me, and since next year's N level is so crucial. Sorry to those who joined the game late, but I have to take a break. That's why I said that it's too late to join the game, since school's re-opening soon.

I have to take a break from Trickster, until I finished my N levels, then I would play it back again. I need to improve my English too, because the Trickster forumers' English are way better than me. Time to read more books, watch more documentaries and be a bookworm! Haha!

Aside from that, I've been worried about the new school term. But one thing's for sure, I only have myself to trust. I've been a loner ever since Primary school, but I always get by because I had a few good friends who understand me. People judge me by my looks, and I'm fat. But I can't blame them either, since appearance is a factor too.

It's time I should type perfect English too, and not too much Singlish. It's a good way to improve my habit of typing English.

Well anyway, it's about 2.11am right now, and my eyes are tired.
You too, should go to sleep as well!

May God bless you.


Tags reply.

Haha, how did Jiemin downgrade? From a normal girl -> Auntie -> Woman -> Xiao Mei Mei, what's next? Granny? HAHA! Anyway, I'm going for your BBQ. Make sure you let me play your PS2, or else, I'll stuff noodles into your ears, or hotdogs. HAHA!

LOL. From Xiao Mei Mei -> Teenager. I hope next is Granny! Wang Po Po! HAHAHAHA! I'm not scared of you, no idea why. Somehow, I prefer hitting you! Muahahaha, evil.


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