December 26, 2007


Good evening everyone! My 300th post!

I went out today, to my mother's workplace at Parkway Parade. My maid needs to get her shoulder fixed, lol. I went to Timezone to waste my time. I played Maximum Tune 3, House of the Dead 4 (ROCKS!), Time Crisis 4 and Daytona USA 2. I spent around $10 bucks though, i didn't play much, i was actually looking at the pros playing their stuff. So i walked around until 9pm, and went back to my mother's stall and headed to a coffee shop for chicken rice.

The chicken rice was 5 star chicken, lol. I don't know how they rate chickens, but it sure tasted nice. Went home shortly after that, fricking tired.


To Shunhui:
Please call me if you are having any trouble playing Trickster.
Here's a link to its Wikipedia, here.
Have fun playing and be sure to add me!

Just a few pointers though.

1. Don't speak Singlish. Since Trickster is a Global game, most of the players don't come from Asia, nor Singapore (Well, most of the Singapore players are stuck in MapleSEA). Most of them come from America, Canada and some of the English speaking countries. Try to type in perfect English if you wanna talk to others, otherwise they wouldn't understand, and they most likely would regard you as a BR (Brazilian, they speak terrible English).

2. Don't be a beggar or a looter. This kind of people are very well hated in the game. Just don't do it, i sometimes, hate them too.

3. Don't transfer your Maple knowledge to this game, Trickster is a totally different game from Maple! Every build in Trickster is pure, for example, a buffalo's main power comes from AP (Attack Power), so a buffalo should put all his points into AP and nothing else.

4. Lastly, don't be racist. Mind you, this is a Global game, so any slight racism may cause disharmonies between countries. You don't want that, do ya. Just be nice, endure and be friendly.

That's all.
Gotta sleep now. May God bless you!

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