December 29, 2007

Random #1

Hi y'all.

The sky's so dull today that its definitely not a day for enjoying. I went to Popular today, wanting to buy my books, but it was filled with Primary school kids. Anyone know which Popular outlet sells our Secondary 4 textbooks? Please kindly tag the information on the tagboard, thanks.


Can't think of anything to post, other than games, games and more games. Well, i've been playing games all day long during this 2 month vacation, with a little bit of revision, but it's rather minimal. I'm thinking about the new teachers we'll get, the new classmates we'll need to get along.

Well, enough of that.. Time to post some pictures!
Random ones!


So many errors!


Get it?

No idea..


Definition of Trap = Boys who look like girls. DAMN.

Aw, that man's evil..

No idea..

People who are lazy.

Not true.

Kinda true..

That's all..
May God bless you!

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