December 11, 2007

Paranoia? Or not.

I'm not trying to spread paranoia here..

..but, keyloggers are breaking out real fast. As usual, do not open unidentified files from an unknown website and do not download suspicious files, especially .exe files. Run spyware, anti-virus daily, or maybe 4 times a week. You'll never know when a keylogger bastard may plant his bomb in your computer. 4 of my friends got hacked in MSN, Friendster etc, by visiting a so-called trusted site, just for their leisure. Act now, and don't get pwnt by a keylogger!

For Firefox users:
1) Download an extension file named NoScript (A powerful spyware blocker) from the Mozilla site itself. Update it regularly and put it to good use. You can block certain sites from one single website. As you all know, one website can have many sites linking to it, for example, your own blog. Currently, my blog is linked to, etc. That's about it.

2) For Firefox, it doesn't really attract ActiveX plug-ins so in my opinion, Firefox is a much safer alternative than Internet Explorer, which is horded by millions of keylogging bastards. I would recommend Firefox strongly, and Internet Explorer to be used rarely unless you need to visit a website that is not Firefox-friendly.

3) I compared using Firefox and Internet Explorer for a day each, the results are as showed.
After using Ad-Aware 2007:
No. of spywares
Firefox - 4
Internet Explorer - 38

If you can find spyware blockers for Internet Explorer, by all means, do it.

See the huge difference? Damn, that number of spywares could easily kill your computer if you did not scan it for spywares.

Once again, i'll say, i'm not spreading the paranoia *disease* around, for your info.


Well, even Trickster's bringing the Christmas mood forward!

Will be posting more Trickster SS in more to come!

Okay, someone told me to introduce Trickster to them. I'll gladly do so.

So alright, there are 4 types of classes (As usual) of 8 different kinds of animals.
There are four types of build graphs, Power, Magic, Sense and Charm.

Power depicting attack power, accuracy and dexterity, which also means attack speed.
Magic depicting magic power, magic defense and magic points.
Sense depicting weight limit, detection ability and luck.
Lastly, Charm depicting health points, defense power and hit evasion.

These 8 animals, are distributed among the 4 build graphs.

Power - Bunny & Buffalo
Magic - Sheep & Dragon
Sense - Fox & Lion
Charm - Cat & Raccoon

Bunnies represent boxers, strong girls who fight till their heart's content.
Buffaloes represent warriors, valiant knights and your own knight in shining armor.
Sheep represent bards, magicians who use elemental magic and AoE skills.
Dragons represent shamans, who either follows the dark or the light side.
Foxes represent archaeologists, who explores and search for items underground by drilling.
Lions represent engineers, inventors, who carries a gun with skills.
Cats represent models, sexy in nature, high in defense and able to transform into a beast.
Raccoons represents gamblers, those who attacks by throwing cards and able to evade greatly.

It's easy to get money in this game, by just drilling for a couple of hours or just by training like normal and looting. The community is better than SEA's, but unfortunately, there are some SEA's players in this game, but not as crowded as MapleSEA. Quests that gives reasonable rewards. Party quests, and loads more. There's PvP to test your friend's strength against you. And finally, events almost every month to enjoy the public holiday and much more.

I'm currently playing a Lvl. 105 Dragon, Lvl. 68 Buffalo and Lvl. 34 Fox.

If you are playing in this game, be sure to add me, just ask for my IGN in the tagbox and i'll reply ASAP. I also have my own guild in the game, so yeah, join! Haha.

Looking forward to more friends playing the game!

Gotta sleep now.

Peace out!
May God bless you!

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