December 25, 2007

Finally a post!

First and foremost, i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! It's just a few more minutes till Christmas ends, but as long as it's still December, everyday is Christmas! As the school term draws near, i have loads of things not accomplished.

Firstly, i have not bought my school books. I mean, why would someone as lazy as me, take a 1 hour bus ride all the way to school, buy the required books and then return back home with another 1 hour trip. Besides, i assumed that the afternoon sales would be crowded in any case. During the whole month, i always woke up at 11am - 12pm. Yeah, i slept at 1-3am almost every night, or should i say, morning.

Secondly, i have not done my homework. Honestly, i do not even know what homework's been assigned to me. I mean like, c'mon, it's the holidays, it's for us to rest and enjoy, not continue to revise and whatever. I'm already lazy in nature, what more with homework during the holidays?

Lastly, i only revised English and Maths, and i never even touched Science, Humanities and D&T.

In any case, i'm gonna try and accomplish all this during the last week before the school reopens. I'm gonna skip Scouts too, i do not feel a sense of belonging to Scouts anymore, neither a sense of commitment. I'm just gonna put my 100% into studies, and nothing else. N levels are crucial for me, O levels too. I just hope that the new school term would be better than last year's, that is unless there's a combined class, that would be otherwise. I hope that i can flame people more for what they done, rather than taking all the damage and just be a wussy. Somehow, i got this gut feeling that next year's ain't gonna be merciful.. nor peaceful. More likely a calamity.


Some Trickster screenshots!
PS. Winzaw, you could put your drawing skills to test, here!

Trickster Login Page, during 3rd job release!

Trickster Login Page, CHRISTMAS THEME!

People playing with Fireworks, my character's in the middle! I'm Lv. 145 in the pic, but currently i'm Lv. 150.

More random screenshots..

A cool skill named Dark Lance.

A boss map, i was waiting for it to spawn. xD

Nice? All dropped from bosses. =D

Lots of rubbish..

Well, that's all for today.

Good night and may God bless you!

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