February 23, 2008

Money is the root of evil.

My maid just cried this morning.

My maid lent her brother 100k peso (Currency in Philippines) and she didn't expect him to return back the money as soon as possible. One fine day, my maid's son needed some money urgently, so she asked her brother to lent her son some money. Guess what, her brother expects her to pay him back in 1 month's time. From what I heard, it's $3000 (I think). Like hell, who can actually fork out $3000 in a month just to return back his money? $3000 is no small amount, and to think that my maid did not expect him to pay back, her brother just did the opposite.

And my maid's son is a dumb cake as well. He's not even working, relying on his mother for financial needs and he is MARRIED, for goodness's sake. He's in his mid 30s and he do not even have a job. How the hell is he gonna provide for his family? Seriously, my maid has to have bad luck having this kind of children and siblings.

And hence, money is the root of evil.

Argh, I do not even know how to help her..

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