February 4, 2008

Kiss your balls goodbye! (Owwwie!)

Good evening!

Today's Monday, meaning, school would start later at 8.40am! Woke up pretty darn early today, could be the earliest in my Life. I woke up around 4am, went down to study with Suying! And she still looks energized after forcing me to talk with her till midnight, last night. I looked like someone who hadn't slept for days.. We didn't have the mood to study though, so we just chat, chat and chat all the way till 6am, when she needs to take the bus! After that, I rushed up, took my breakfast and bath. Changed and head to school.

As usual.. The buses are packed with workers, businessmen and much more. This is one of the reasons why I don't like the school to start at a later time. But well, it's for a good cause anyway, since I can spend time with Suying! Reached school and went to find Chungaik. We all then went to the floor seats near the flagpost and saw Hock Zheng there! And shat, he's a Lv. 17 Ranger in SRO already! Damn it..

Assembly.. Bla bla bla..

Chinese was next.. I was glad that Ms Foong didn't ask me to get anything for her, from her locker to the classroom! I was sick and tired of being her servant everytime, making use of me as a CLB student! Grrr.. So yeah, I just sat down with Chungaik, crapped and done some Physics corrections and work.

After that was Physics. We went up to the IT Lab 1 to have our first Physics test.. Conclusion?
Shat, shat, shat, SHAT! This test comprises of topics this year and last year! Needless to say, I'm going to fail, maybe terribly and most probably, a ZERO mark. Hopefully, I won't hear Mr Chan screaming, but well, I think it's inevitable anyway.. Mr Chan was super merciful today! Maybe a cause of communication problem, but I DID heard that we are only supposed to bring a notebook and a pencil case.. Then in the end, we ARE supposed to bring the workbook as well. We could actually run up to class, get the books and back to the lab again. BUT BUT! All we got was a time limit of 5 minutes.. Feeling defeated (Ouch..), we had to finish the corrections, must be done in green and it MUST BE CORRECT! Oh shat man, but well, Suying, you are the only one who can help me! HALP MEH!

Recess was next. DAMN, recess was freaking retarded! While walking back to class, me, Derrick and Mun Tat started whacking each other with our rulers! But shat, I forgotten most of what happened already, but it was HELLAAAAAA fun but freakishly violent! Thanks Derrick and Mun Tat for grabbing Daniel and allowing me to ram his balls apart! (Freaking owww!) Had a good sweat, and yeah, we rested..

Then me, Daniel and Mun Tat went to the D&T workshop and crapping while we are walking.. Talked about girls (As usual..) and with Mun Tat, following us behind and posing as an outcast. During the 2nd period, Mun Tat whacked my balls! (!@#$@%*#) And for my counter move, I punched his balls with extreme might! Yeah, it hurts, it's my fist, I know, hurts like mad.. Mun Tat's head was down for a few minutes, and dang, he wanted to whack my balls again! So I ran away.. Boooo.

Haha, sure IS retarded today.. Lots of balls whacking and ramming.

After that, I went home!

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you sooooooooo much!

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