February 2, 2008


Good evening!

Today's Saturday.. Meaning, I have to go back to school for Mr Kung's extra Mathematics lesson. So he revised on the topic called Mensuration, and NOT Menstruation, mind you! (Especially people with uber dirty-mind sensitivity, like me). The lesson was a breeze, and it even seemed that 1 and a half hour wasn't that long at all!

After that, I went to fetch Suying from school and then we went to Plaza Singapura together. Haha, had fun, man! We laughed our asses off and eat lunch. Went home after bringing her back home.. Kind of tired already, so I took a short afternoon nap and played Diablo 2. WAS BORED AGAIN SINCE I DIED SO MUCH, decided to check my IMEEM for any new updates..

Guess what, there's this chick who wants me to be her friend.. For what purpose?

To lure me into some f_ _ ked up site, with maybe keylogger?
Why are people doing this old, stupid trick everytime.. Unless some people are that stupid to go into that porn web and get owned by a keylogger? Remember guys, the trick don't work on us twice. And caution, do not even go into that web. I bet it's gotta be something suspicious.

And some of you may have noticed..
My MSN nick and my email..

After I'd cleared my inbox, 800 more mails came in!

40% of it?




I have well over 200+ invitations in there, 150 of it from the SAME PERSON! Not gonna say who it is, but well, it's too annoying.. Why the hell Friendster copied Facebook's application feature?!

And hence..

Facebook = Friendster = Applications = F_ _ KING LOADS OF REQUESTS! ZZZ.


That's all for today.
Tomorrow's Spring Cleaning for CNY! Gotta expect myself to be darn tired!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you!

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