February 3, 2008


Good evening!

Today was Spring Cleaning, SUNDAY! I'm so tired already.. Had to bring down 3 bags worth of rubbish, from the 11th floor to the 1st, because the elevator wasn't working at that time! Well, I take it as I'm exercising. Other than tidying up my house, I also finished maintenance on my computer, and as always, fragmentation is a serious illness in computers!

After all that, I went to the playground with Suying.. Felt kind of nostalgic, since the kindergarten was near to the playground and during our breaks, we'll always head there to play with sand, try out the slides and swings. So we just shared jokes, laughed our asses off while playing at the swings! After that, we went to eat Bak Kut Teh! It's been so long! I just love the taste of spices, and the feeling of spiciness lingering at your throat. Awesome. But but, I didn't know that she could drink all that Bak Kut Teh soup in one go! I was like.. WTF?! If I were to drink that in one go, I would've died.. BRAVO SUYING! LOLOL!

Brought her back home and met up with Justin at the basketball court near my house.. Played for while, and my skill was kinda rusty because of my left knee, which was giving me lots of problems.. Nevertheless, I had a good sweat today! Played some ABCs and a 1-1 match with Justin, and I won, LOL! Chill man, Justin, have a chill pill!

I went back home, feeling happy and tired at the same time.. I had a good, hot bath, shaved my spikes away, passed motion and peed. (Why am I typing what I've done in the toilet..) After that, I revised on my Physics. I assumed that tomorrow's is gonna be the Physics test, since Mr Chan did say that the test is coming SOON, not LATER, right? Played Diablo 2 after revising..

I feel so ALIVE today, man! Must be that Bak Kut Teh that made me felt alive.. I guess spicy dishes do have another purpose, other than adding more taste and more spice! Thanks Bak Kut Teh! (I'm thanking a dish, OMG..)

And finally.. I changed the blog song once again. I do need to change it on a regular basis..

Current blog song: The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offsprings


When we were young the future was so bright (whoa)
The old neighborhood was so alive (whoa)
And every kid on the whole damn street (whoa)
was gonna make it big in every beat.

Now the neighborhood's cracked and torn (whoa)
The kids are grown up but their lives are worn(whoa)
How can one little street
Swallow so many lives?

Chances thrown
Nothing's free
Longing for
What used to be
Still it's hard
Hard to see
Fragile lives
Shattered dreams


Jamie had a chance, well she really did (whoa)
Instead she dropped out and had a couple of kids (whoa)
Mark still lives at home cause he's got no job (whoa)
Just plays guitar, smokes a lot of pot

Jay commited suicide (whoa)
Brandon OD'd and died (whoa)
What the hell is going on?
Cruelest dream reality

Chances blown, nothing's free
Longing for what used to be
Still, it's hard, hard to see
Fragile lives, shattered dreams


Chances blown, nothing's free
Longing for what used to be
Still, it's hard, hard to see
Fragile lives, shattered dreams


That's all for today! Gonna sleep late since school is starting late tomorrow!
Phone chatting GALORE! SUYING!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you!

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