February 5, 2008


Good evening, readers!

Well, today's Tuesday and tomorrow's Wednesday, which is also the Chinese New Year eve! If there's anyone want to go out after 10pm to anywhere, please call me okay, and please, no drinking or whatever, I just want to have a peaceful celebration!

So today, yeah, was rather peaceful, as mentioned from some of the classmates.

The first period was Social Studies.. SS was so darn boring. Isn't there any any other way to teach other than reading from the book itself, making the whole lesson a total bore. Seriously, I missed Mr Gary Lam and his funny lessons (Students from 2004 onwards should remember who he is). Maybe, laughter is the factor that makes the lesson more interesting, and prevents people from sleeping! So in my view, Mr AJ's teaching style is quite possibly outdated, and the way he speaks is a bit monotonous, and hence, people are sleeping during his lesson..

Chemistry was next! Smooth..

PE was next! We had 3v3 match during PE today. Me, Hock Zheng and Mengci in one team and Chungaik, Kenneth and Jiemin in the other. Zzz, I can't concentrate today, because of some pain in my body, which hurts after I moved or ran a lot.. And I over-exerted my left arm, causing some joint pain. But nevertheless, it's a basketball match to be remembered though. In the end, I lost, but it's a friendly match, I guess.

English was next, did some final touch up for the oral next Monday (I think). I think I'm gonna do okay for the oral examinations, I guess..

Maths was next.. Mr Kung was in a rather bad mood I guess? From his facial expression, he had the look of someone who was ignorant. Maybe it's because of some Sec 1 issues..

Headed back home after that. Was having a painful headache while going home..


I don't know how in the blue hell you accumulated that amount of money for your phone bill. But my only solution for you is to change to prepaid. At least, buy a prepaid card every two weeks, it only costs $18-20 per card, so you won't have to worry about exceeding $100 in a month. And this also teaches you to know your limits. This is my advice to you, take it or leave it, it's up to you. The future is yours to create.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you toooooo much as well!

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