May 8, 2009


My first update on May.. Well, it's not like me to update less nowadays.

Anyway, I just want to mention that.. April was a fucked up month, really. Firstly, I had an irritating flu which lasted for like, 2 weeks. Then on my first trip to Cyrus LAN shop in River Valley, I fell down on the "steps" of the VIP room entrance. It wasn't steps, it was A step. That's when I got the bandage round my leg. Till then, life's been hard. Bathing was harder than usual, keeping the bandage free from water was hard. I had to tie a plastic bag around it, but it always never seem to work, it just kept loosening. After 4 days, I finally removed it and felt a little better. It still hurts until now, on the ankle areas but I can run normally now. I still had my flu and came the dreaded, swine flu. It wasn't some ordinary flu, it was something like SARS but symptoms of swine flu aren't easy to spot and could lead to death. I had paranoia, because I had a flu and cough. Just before April ended, I recovered from my flu and cough. Things in Singapore were starting to shake up.

When April ended, I prayed that May would be a better month for all of us in Singapore. Unexpectedly, things went well. Swine flu's status changed from orange to yellow, Mas Selamat's been caught yesterday. Everything went well, except for the examinations.

I have one more paper left, which is D&T, and after that, I have to prepare for Boon Keat's birthday chalet which will take up the marking day too. I'm starting to relax now, but not too long. I have received 4 papers today. Sadly enough, I only passed one of them. I failed my English summary, as usual, 11/25. Not a bad mark in my opinion considering that I gotten single digits for my past summary tests. Just gotta improve on paraphrasing and open my eyes for extra points. I failed both my Chemistry and Physics MCQ papers. It was really disheartening.. But the teachers didn't gave up on us, they said that we just gotta work extra harder for the preliminaries (if there is one) and O levels. In the past, teachers would just sulk at the class for getting such a low average mark.

The only paper I passed was the Physics practical, 10/15. Mr Chan said that students who scored 10 or below isn't enough. I agree though, because the paper alone is easy enough to get you full marks. Likewise for Chemistry. I'll just have to work on my differences between mm and cm, man, I suck at those.

A spoiler for those who did not attend school today. Mr Kung gave the class (5B) a Paper 1 Maths topical paper, inclusive of the answer sheet. He mentioned that the class REALLY needs ample practice, and said it in a really disappointed tone. It seemed to me that our class did badly for the Maths papers. Well, I just hope that he's not going to lecture us again, saying that we might go to ITE. We came to Secondary 5 for a reason, to move on into the Polytechnic/JC, not ITE. Encouragements raises the class' morale, so I just hope the teachers won't give up on us. It's just way too early to foresee results.

13 people were absent today. The teachers described them as "students who doesn't care about their results". Go figure.

Well, I'm done for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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