May 15, 2009

Feeling this.

Well, today was a sad, sad day. Very sad indeed.

To put it abruptly, I failed all my examinations for Mid-Year. Serious, even English. Now I'm just plain depressed. The wake up call from Mr Chan today was definitely a necessity. I could put myself in the teacher's shoes, teach for nearly half a year and my students getting crappy results, I would wreak havoc and turn the classroom upside down too. I wasn't overjoyed with my results, unlike some people. I mean.. How can someone be overjoyed after failing all his/her examinations?

4 more months, is what the teachers said. 4 months, to create a miracle or just lose all hope. I'm definitely gonna create a miracle, I just can't take a second look at my bad results. It's an insult to me, especially English. I have to admit, the class is at a pretty bad state. Hardly no one passed English. Probably one or two passed Combined Science and Maths. Combined Humanities would probably have one or two as well. D&T/POA should be alright. In this state, we would all graduate to ITE.

Whatever it is.. We should not give up. These are just the appetizers. Next up are the preliminaries. It would be way harder than the Mid Year examinations.

To the sad faces of today. Please don't lose hope yet! We got back our papers, we know our mistakes, we shall just rectify them and not commit them again! We can make it, man. Study hard and play hard. Do not give up, people!

I would start studying in the libraries.. Studying at home.. Nah. Computer's a distraction, and furthermore, I do not have a proper table for studying.

Well, I gotta go.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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