May 27, 2009




Are over. (Already?)

Yeah, the June holidays holds no meaning to us, O level candidates anymore. We must endure for 4 more excruciating months. Honestly, I would prefer that school resumes for us, rather than making everything so complicated. There are some re-sit examinations for me, which is good.. More examination practice is always good.. But I hope it's not the same paper as Mid-Year's, totally defeats the purpose.

Today. Was. Fun.
'cept for PE.

Since it's the last PE lesson for the term, we should have some fun, but instead, I had to complete a 2.4 km run which I clearly have no hope in. I passed only 4 stations, with Pull-Ups the only station I failed. As you all know, once you failed just 1 station, it's over. Hey, if I passed my Pull-Ups, I would most definitely run with all my strength, I'll run till I become breathless, serious. In the end, I was just walking and running at a slow pace. After the run, I went back to the arena and played some Badminton.

The rest of the day was just slacking. The last three periods (CD and Physics) were taken over by Chinese. The Chinese students had to take their examinations in early June. So me, Chungaik, Jerome and Taj went to library only to discover that it was closed.. Oh well. We headed for the banding room, shared some dirty thoughts and listened to music. Time was passing by really quick as we chat. I was surprised, haha.

I have no idea how my face is in the people's view. All I can do is look at myself in the mirror, and I do look normal. Now, why is it people kept staring at me? Lol. In the bus especially, that's why I've been sitting in the seat near the driver. People usually don't sit there, because whenever a collision or crash occur, you might be the first commuter in the bus to get hurt. I noticed Singaporeans tend to get paranoia very easily.. Well, me too. :D

Jerome told me that there's a new case of H1N1 in Singapore. I was shocked, in all directions. It was 23 year old lady who came back from the USA, and had a fever and other symptoms. I hope that the people are still paranoid, just because the flu alert was lowered doesn't mean that the virus is decimated. GUYS, please take care of yourselves.

And that's all I have to type for today :D

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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