May 29, 2009

Awesome day.



Awesome day.

Today was ACE day! The day started off with sexuality education, with Mr Tan. I have to admit, the lesson was really, very interesting. Mr Tan was very expressive, thus making the lesson more attractive. In the past, most sexuality education teachers were monotonous, makes me want to sleep.. I learned a lot, definitely. It was a quick, but everything was clearly explained. No problems at all.

Next was an inspirational talk by Mrs Tan. I find it rather amusing. It was the first time I heard Mrs Tan's voice sounded like a kindergarten teacher. All the tortoise and hare stories were really creative and logical. It was alright though, gets boring sometimes.

Next up was a visit to Yishun Junior College. To be honest, it seems that a JC is just an upgraded version of the secondary school. The school was just alright, everything seems rather old but it's alright. The tour around the school wasn't that fascinating, everything seems so typical. Classrooms, halls, facilities and more. Just that there are more added facilities that government schools don't have. I'm definitely not heading into the JC. I find the Polytechnic way more fun and exciting than JC. Poly it is!

Went to school and tried on the new ACE day T-Shirt. It fit perfectly, just that my nipples are visible. I wasn't afraid to show it though, no idea why. Probably used to it. Headed for Kallang River, where we'll do Dragon Boating. It's been years since I did it, kinda nostalgic. It was so fun, splashing water at opposing boats, screaming and so much more. I really loved the activity and I do wish to do it again! Haha. Also, I missed being sun-tanned. Haha.

Well, I'm done for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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  1. your stupid profile not funny at all.
    so you telling me that you wanna make a joke out of yourself so that more people will do it to you also?

    if u dun wan people to joke about you...then u have to be serious yourself first.

    and...NO UPDATES?