May 28, 2009


I can't think of a title for today..

School started really late today, at 12.30 pm. It was because of some Parent-Teacher conference. I couldn't receive my report book today because my mother was busy at work. I had to stay back till 6.30 pm, for God-knows-what-reason! And of course, we had to control ourselves from laughter, because many of our friends' parents came! Yeah, my class' tradition, calling parents' names!

I was pretty annoyed. It was peak hours, and the buses will be packed with adults going back home from work. Somehow, 139 wasn't packed at all. I was just standing at the empty areas of the bus. All seats were taken but it wasn't crowded. I reached Little India, and suddenly, an empty 131 bus arrived! I was so elated! Normally, 131 will be fully packed! But lucky me, I can sit down and enjoy the air-conditioning. Man, if this happens everyday, I don't mind going home late. It's usually because of this that I hate going home late..

Well, I'm done for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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