June 24, 2007

sorry guys!

Replying the whole tagboard!
Jiemin; Not MIA! It's PIA! Playing in action, sounds dirty though.
Juihao; Woah, like finally, you got back to blogging! Will link you soon. xD
Zhengyee; Sorry!
Shunhui; Busy leveling in FlyFF and Granado Espada. xD
Jasper; What's wrong with Xanga? Haha, will link you soon!
Justin; Sorry, don't bash me up. LOL.
Zhengyee; LOL, sorry!
Chengjun; Check out my post!
Jiemin; YA! Sandflies sucks, you can ask Derrick, my right foot looks like a zombie's leg. Same here, haven't done the homework yet.
Derrick; LOL, thanks for the compliment! Finally tagged my blog eh!
Jiemin; Internet rules~
Kimberly; Sorry, you sound pissed. No offense.
Syahirah; Huh, your computer explode?! x.x
Justin; Oh well, damn j00 hax0r!

PS* Sorry for not replying the older messages, as i said, they are old.

Sorry guys! Haven't been updating like days! Guess some of you all know what i'm doing at home, not MIA, not studying, not fucking but endless hours of GAMING! I've been playing FlyFF and Granado Espada ever since Group Camp ended.

So many things happened during the holidays.
1) My leg got rotten for exactly 14 days.
2) I can chiong 40 Levels in 2 days for FlyFF.
3) Granado Espada maybe going P2P for Singapore. Rumors has it that it's only $4 per month.
4) Dengue Fever cases had rose to a very big number.
5) June hasn't been raining often. Since it's the hottest month of the year.
6) Fixed my spectacles nose support and lenses.
7) Got $150 to buy a Crumpler Bag, but i don't want to go Orchard Road alone. Company anyone?
8) My father had 3 operations and he's fully recovered.
9) Did not even touch my homework!
10) My long hair reached my nose.
11) My God-sis bought me chocolates and stuffs from Osaka, Japan. Love ya!
12) Beat Justin at basketball yesterday night. xD
13) Bought Linkin Park's Minutes To Midnight album. Seems a bit late.
14) Bought 5 games.
15) Lastly, do not slim down. The most freaking crucial mission i need to accomplish, but i did not do it.

That's all for June. Tomorrow's school time! Time to mingle and joke with my precious friends! Sometimes, school is more fun than holidays. School affects your life more than you staying at home, staring at the computer and rotting away. But, i got this gut feeling that something good is going to happen tomorrow, i have no idea but it could be anyone, it can be me, it can be you, it can be anyone!

Bet a lot of teachers will be disappointed at the class for not doing the holiday homework. Maybe, just maybe, i'll do some questions from each paper just to be safe at least. I really don't like teachers screaming at me, it's like so childish and primary-like. Teachers scold you in primary school because of the fact that most young children are mischievous and playful. They may not listen to the teachers at all. I was like that in primary school and woke up my idea at primary 3, kinda early isn't it?

I'll be continuing to blog during school days and doing my homework. I don't want to retain again in Sec 3. Mug hard for EOY and promote to Sec 4!

To FlyFFers:
One bad thing happened to FlyFF. In July, V8 will be released and many people will be disappointed. Some of the facts below may be true or false. I found the information in the FlyFF forums and took some of it. Credits to FlyFF forums.

1) PK system will be implemented on all the servers. Yes, ALL SERVERS. Meaning you can PK anyone you desire.
2) De-Leveling will be implemented to all players. Once you drop below 0%, your level will be REDUCED! The bad thing about this is that since all servers in at PK mode, people can PK you whenever they like. When they keep on PK-ing you, your items have a 75% chance of DROPPING and your level could possibly de-level to a VERY LOW LEVEL!
3) Power Dices will be de-activated. The new items that will be coming in are Oricalkum and Moonstone. Oricalkum for upgrading and Moonstone for piercing. Both Oricalkum and Moonstone have 20% chance of passing/piercing the item and 80% of breaking the item, sucks to play FlyFF huh.
4) Maximum amount of buffs you can have is 14! Like godammit man. All i can say is that Blades and Knights will have a bad time training since the most buffs they can get is 17/18 respectively and now the maximum is only 14.
5) Shop items reduced from 30 to 20! I guess we can go fuck ourselves already.
6) Reflect damage is reduced. For example, 2000 damage is dealt to you, you return 20 damage. WTF?
7) Bow Jesters may still use bows, but their critical ratio will be reduced. This is the only good thing that happened. Like WTF, x.x

If this is what V8 is going to give us, i guess i'll quit FlyFF already and go back to Granado Espada. Seriously, GPotato is like going to lose 40% of their players because of V8. Gamemasters! Please wake up your idea! This is definitely not a money making issue, this is TRAGEDY! Not everyone in FlyFF enjoys PK, that's why you don't see much people in the PK server 4. And then you making all servers in PK mode, that's just plain dumb. Private shop items reduced to 20? Now what is this? Trying to make all players earn less money? And lastly, de-leveling WTF? PK mode on all servers + DE-LEVELING = MASSIVE, EXPLOSIVE CALAMITY IN FLYFF.

Nevermind, i'll pwnz j00, all GMs. *evil laughs*

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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