June 8, 2007

itching madness

Good afternoon!
Just went to the doctor this morning.
Because i was scratching my body since last night due to some illness.
The doctor said that it was not cause by mosquitoes.
It's caused by sandflies.
Ugh, seriously why would mosquitoes breed in a sandy area.
Should have known!
She even said that the bites of a sandfly can spread itchiness to other parts of the body without biting!
I guess that explains everything already.
Got an injection to reduce the itchiness in my body.
Until now still quite numb!
And, the injection damn powerful lah.
After i reached home, 5 mins later, i'm sleeping soundly already..

After i woke up, played Granado Espada.
Finally leveled to Lvl 21.
Looking for more friends in GE!
Be sure to inform me!

And, if you like racing games with a touch of violence in it?
Be sure to sign up for a Close Beta version of Upshift - Strike Racer.
Webby: http://strikeracer.gpotato.com
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Screenshot of the main page.
Hopefully it will be some kind of game like Flatout 2 or Burnout!

Anyway, that's all lah.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.