June 7, 2007

Blog's UP!

Reply of tags.
Zhengyee; Haha, thanks anyway. But i did not took care of myself. xD
Jiemin; LOL.
Donovan; Linked!

Finally, my blog is up!
Actually, i tried making my own skin..
..but failed countless times!

And yeah, i forgot to say something.
Happy Belated Birthday, Zhixun!
I think Derrick also asked me to go out with him.
For 2 hours, o.O.
But i don't want to spread the fever to him.
And my legs, ughh..
It looks as if it's some zombie's leg or something.
Utterly disgusting, i don't even dare to go out..
The doctor said i would recover fully by this Friday or so.

Even if i had fever, i'm still quite energized!
Weird but true!
I even played Granado Espada the whole day!
Btw, anyone who plays GE out there, please add me!
I only play the Non-PK servers.
Carracio - Blueon; 2x Fighter and 1 Scout
*Some new Non-PK server* - Bellisima; 2x Musketeer and 1 Scout

Well, that's it for today. I'll be blogging more tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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